Don we now our gay apparel

Now is the time when I go into a full-on Christmas panic. Lately I have been living my life like somebody pressed the Fast Forward button, so let me just wish you a Merry Christmas today. Not sure I’ll be with it enough on Saturday to remember. P.S. If I… Read More

My Christmas letter to the school

Dear School That My Children Attend, First of all, today is the last day of school before Christmas vacation. Thus it is my last day to run errands child-free. You have scheduled my child’s class party for 9 am. Just because all the other parents take their children home as… Read More

I fought the gun and the gun won

Like most earnest and well-educated parents I decided that when I had children we would be “gun-free”. No shooting toys period.* (Except water guns because those aren’t about killing, they’re about laughing. And Nerf guns because, well, I don’t know. They’re just different.) I’ve always preferred my boys to pretend… Read More

Trial by Christmas Card

I just got our first Christmas card yesterday which put me in a tailspin of Christmas card anxiety. We haven’t gotten our Christmas cards done. Or had the picture taken. Or gotten all the clothes. Or made the clothes that I haven’t been able to find in the store. I… Read More

Do you . . .

have more than one Christmas tree? put mostly presents in the kids’ stockings or mostly candy? give Santa credit for the most awesome present your child receives or do you bask in the glory? have your big dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? give your children Christmas pajamas? open… Read More

The first week

If you have uttered these words I have a bone to pick with you: “let’s plan it for the first week of December so we won’t interfere with people’s holiday plans.” I have to say that I am tired–SICK AND TIRED–of every holiday event being planned for the first week… Read More