Don we now our gay apparel

Now is the time when I go into a full-on Christmas panic. Lately I have been living my life like somebody pressed the Fast Forward button, so let me just wish you a Merry Christmas today. Not sure I’ll be with it enough on Saturday to remember.

P.S. If I could give you one piece of parenting advice, it’s to dress your children alike as much as possible. For some idiotic reason people will assume that you are a stellar parent because of this one thing. It really makes no sense but the general public will think that you completely have it together if you can come up with some matching sweaters (bonus points for matching the boys with the girls.)

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11 thoughts on “Don we now our gay apparel

  1. Love it Jennie!!! You did a great job this year. Merry Christmas. I'm hoping to take family pictures by Easter….LOL I am so not with it this year..but I blame it on the new baby.

  2. I loved getting this card! The blah, blah, blah cracked me up! The pictures on the back were priceless!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. Your kids are so big! I know I say that all the time, but they are! It boggles my mind.

    Cute cute picture btw. And I swear I'm not sucking up, but you really are the best looking one. ^_~

  4. No kidding, my sister in law has her family matching (at least coordinating colors) EVERY Sunday. Not just holiday Sundays, EVERY Sunday. And they range from 15-2. So I heart your sarcasm. And I may just do a New Years Card on my blog that I think you might love–I just have to get around to taking the picture.

  5. Jennie!! Oh my goodness!! Can I please see a compilation of all of your family Christmas cards? Do you do this every year because WOW!!!! This is cute. I mean it's "I'm at work and I just called a friend over to look at it" cute.

    And now I want six kids, just so I cna match them all.

  6. Your card looks great! You look SO young. I think we have discussed this via your blog before and you have some sort of olive oil secret, is that right?

  7. After getting what I think is finally our last Christmas card yesterday, I can safely say that yours was by far the cutest Christmas card this year.

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