Gingerbread land

I can’t quite seem to get the Christmas decorations out, but I don’t want to deprive my children of their holiday fun, so we broke out the gingerbread house kits over the weekend. I have too many children to decorate a single house without a war ensuing, so we usually get two gingerbread houses and split the kids up to decorate them (It’s come to my attention that there are families who let each family member decorate their own house.  Uh.  Yeah. I really have no place to put six gingerbread houses.) 

This year Ada and Jasper were both old enough to be involved in the gingerbread mayhem so we decided to have one house for the boys and one house for the girls.  I’m a big fan of the Costco kits. Each one features lots of candy, fast-drying icing as well as a bonus tree and two gingerbread men.

In case you were thinking that there are very few differences between the sexes, may I present our two finished gingerbread houses:

Shall we take a closer look at each cottage? 

First the girls’: notice the attempt at clothing, the ornaments on the trees, the spearmint jelly shrubs and orderly trim on the house:

Now for the boys’ house, the theme of which appears to be “ICING!” (although several walls were ignored altogether.)  The tree seems to have suffered an accidental decapitation (but it’s nothing a glob of royal icing can’t fix), and there are some mysterious holes here and there.  

One gingerbread man was eaten. But the remaining one?

Would death by frosting be considered drowning or asphyxiation?

8 thoughts on “Gingerbread land

  1. Classic! Last year I was helping Gwen make one, and James ended up finishing off on the other side of the house…it was something of the same effect. His side was loads of frosting and scattered candy, and on the other side I was trying to get Gwen to put things that she would find on our house.

    The battle of the gender differences lives on, at least it does in this house.

  2. So after reading many of Arianne's posts about you. I finally put two and two together and then came over to check out your blog. These gingerbread houses are fun! Huge difference between the boys and girls for sure. (by the way we are in Houston, and I know Arianne from a fertility group, but now are real life friends as well!)

  3. Nice! We're one of the crazies with 4 or 5 gingerbread houses – we make them out of graham crackers "glued" to the sides of empty OJ cartons (the small ones).

  4. Interesting that you posted this, Kelly and I were just discussing making a gingerbread house last night. We can't decide between a kit and homemade. He doesn't want to do one of those 4×6 kits, so we'll probably have to do them by hand. But seeing how cute the girls' house came out, I'm quite sure my 3 and 4 year olds would be perfectly content with a kit!

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