Fun with Pioneer Woman

(Melinda, Me, Jeannie, Cheryl, Chelon and Sara)

Pioneer Woman came rolling into Austin last night and we had a rip-roaring good time at her book signing (since you read my blog, you are most likely a female and, well, you just seem like the type who would like Pioneer Woman. But some of you don’t know.  Some of you are missing out on the funny, sassy charmingness of her massive blog. If this is the case, repent ye!)   Only three of you bothered to say you wanted to go with me even though I announced it on Facebook.  Never you mind, though. I managed to scrounge up a few friends at the last minute.  So there! 

(Can I just add that it’s so incredibly wonderful to have children who are old enough to babysit the younger ones?  I just told Finn what to make for dinner and waltzed out the door.  I did have to get them a new DVD because six bored kids can get into a lot of trouble.  But they are so very easy to please, especially since we don’t have TV, just a DVD player.  York–who is a 12 year old boy, keep in mind–actually said, “hey, there’s a sequel to Swan Princess?  Cool.”)

Pioneer Woman (whose name is Ree, short for Ann Marie in case you didn’t know.  And I didn’t until she told us last night) was as lovely and friendly as can be.  Apparently the raucous hordes of women who attend her book signings haven’t jaded her yet. Not only was Ree/Pioneer Woman charming, she had free t-shirts on hand for the adoring masses (free and very cute t-shirts).

I have been to signings at Book People before and while I love the store, it’s a bit too cozy for such a large event.   I actually had to stand the entire time. Ugh.  You know me and my mantra: don’t stand when you can sit; don’t sit when you can lie down.  But standing was all right since it gave me a chance to stare at Ree who was, like, this close [scream].  (She sure doesn’t dress like a country girl.  Love those Anthro boots!)

We were one of the first groups to have our books signed, so we had plenty of time to talk to Marlboro Man (talk, Cheryl, not touch!)   

Chelon (say it Shuh-LAWN) is quite the vinyl letter wizard and made PW an adorable plaque, which she was gracious enough to let us all sign.  I love taking credit for a present I had nothing to do with!  I signed “I know we would be best friends.  I’m a redhead trapped in a brunette’s body.”  Hoo boy, I crack myself up.  But it’s true about the hair.  I’m a spunky gal and this brown hair just doesn’t communicate that.  (Especially when it was as limp and lame as it was last night. Seriously, hair, you really let me down.)   In heaven I will have hair the color of  a brand new penny.  No, no, that’s a weird color.  Darker like an old penny.  But shiny.  And curly.  Big, slow curls.

(PW with the lovely Chelon)

I am not daunted by fame* and I asked PW a question at the Q& A (“what are you really bad at cooking?”  Answer: bread) and as she signed my book we had a nice little talk about baked goods and me being the Utah Cookie Making Champion of 2007 (Really.  I have the ribbon to prove it. Obviously it was before we moved to Texas).  

(note to self: never wear this sweater again. Cute on the hanger, but super frumpy on the body)

(not true, by the way)

We had a great night and topped it off with yummy Tex-Mex after we left the bookstore.  When I got home all the kids were in bed (yipee!).  The kitchen was a bit of a disaster, but a girl can’t have everything. 

*may I remind you of the Stephenie Meyer incident.  Cheryl, one of the most ardent Twilight fans, was rendered speechless when we met Stephenie last year in Houston.  I was left to chit-chat with Stephenie about church and if people there are nice to her or gossipy, and do people act weird when she does normal things like pick her son up from preschool?  (she doesn’t do a lot of normal things like that.  Mostly her husband does, in case you were wondering. And she’s been in the same ward forever so everyone knows her and they’re really nice.)

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16 thoughts on “Fun with Pioneer Woman

  1. Sooooo jealous! I would have gone with you. If you saw her photos of the MOA event, you know why I opted to not show up. A 3 hour wait (minimum) was just not in my pregnant-cards.

  2. I have seen her blog a couple times, but I never really read it, mostly saw it for the photography when I was doing a few of the "I heart faces" challenges (which was a challenge for me because I have no faces to take photos of!) and so I never really got to know her blog but last night someone suggested to me to check it out so I spent some time there. Obviously she's very popular, I was looking at her photos of the masses coming out to her book signings. Now I'm curious about the book! I put her blog on my reader so instead of trying to read all the old posts, I'll start with the new ones.

    Glad you had fun!

  3. So jealous! I have been planning on going since Nashville was added to her tour but found out last week the hubs is going to be out of town the night she comes. I am not sure if the three hour wait and having to hire a babysitter are worth it, but maybe…

  4. OH thank you Jennie for taking lots of pictures. I really wish that I could have made it. But I am now a card carrying member so I guess that is good.

    Love the picture of Cheryl and MM yeah I totally missed out. Maybe sometime in the next two years we can do something else together and I won't have to be tied up at a church.

    By the by while you were out having a glamorous evening with a blogging celebrity I was making your snickerdoodle recipe for the second time this week…yeah they are really that good. Thanks for that post. And just so you know I think that you would be a lovely redhead, and if you were PW's neighbor she would love you, you would probably be co-writing a cookbook with her.

    So glad you had a great time and I like the trivia that you added in there about her name, and your chit chat with Meyer.

  5. Well, I haven't read her more than once, so I guess I need to repent.

    Also, not to sound like Mom or anything, but I hope you used an apostrophe when you signed the actual plaque.

  6. I came over from Pdub, a little birdie told me to peek at your fun pics. Great catch I mean capture.

    Being a mom myself, I have to ask, your littlest… is that eating AND diapers or "eating diapers" that she is fond of. I would be surprised at nothing. 😉

    Jessie at Blog Schmog

  7. FOR THE RECORD, I have to say, see how my body is all contorted and my hair is flung over my face (thank goodness!) like that? That is a physical manifestation of the humiliation I felt at being shouted at and coerced into somehow being the one to perform this pictoral joke. You can't argue with body language. Don't worry, Ree! He's safe with me!

  8. that was so much fun! i am glad we all met up 🙂 i absolutely love the pic of cheryl and mm. i could not stop laughing! memories to last a lifetime.

  9. I haven't heard of her—-but I will have to check it out! Glad you got a great night out—-what no TIVO? I couldn't live…

  10. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky! Her blog is the first blog that I've come across that I've ACTUALLY understood the information about photography. (The Food is great too!) I could FINALLY understand my camera!

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