The ultimate gift

It was Mister’s birthday last week. The poor guy is just dying because he is in his forties. I know! It’s super old (just kidding. I’m only a year and a half from the big four-oh myself).

I wanted to make his birthday really special so I gave him the best present I could think of (C’mon, you guys, I couldn’t blog about the other best present.  This blog is rated PG-13.)

Don’t laugh! You can’t possibly understand how much I hate doing the laundry (and with six kids there is a lot of laundry). It has caused many a fight around here and Mister actually fired me a couple of years ago from touching his laundry (I don’t hang his things up the right way or dry stuff on the proper temperature. Whatevs! This was my response, “wait, you’re telling me that my punishment for shrinking your shirt is that I’m no longer allowed to do your laundry? All riiiiight!!!”)

The kids do pitch in quite a bit, but their version of “doing the laundry” is rather shoddy (sorting is optional, and delivery to a person’s room means throwing it on their floor, then walking over the top of it).  So I will step in, ever magnanimous, and make sure it is done well.  No, not just done well but done perfectly.  

I’ll let you know in January how it went.  If I haven’t worked my fingers into bloody stumps, that is.

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12 thoughts on “The ultimate gift

  1. He fired you?? Dang, I'd pretend to be really upset about it for years to make him not keep out of it! You are such a good person. If I get things washed maybe once every 2 weeks it's amazing… and I don't even have the 6 kid excuse!

  2. I feel bad we totally forgot about Mister's bday! So, belated happy b-day to Mister. So, how much is it going to cost to send his laundry out for a month?

  3. I think that is a gift that James would also really appreciate, he is sure that each time I do the laundry all of his pants shrink sizes and sizes. I don't dry his pants or anything.

    Oh well I think that he realizes that if he fired me he wouldn't have anyone to blame the shrinking pants on.

    Good luck with the laundry mission. I am sure that when it is all over you will have come up with an amazing system for perfect laundry, or maybe you will be happy to hand him back the reigns. I wonder what will happen.

  4. I heard about this – and I still can't believe it! You are so brave! Good luck to you – and I'll plan to see you in January. 🙂

  5. WOW, Jennie! Just going into your laundry room scares me. To imagine doing laundry in there PERFECTLY is practically a journey from Hades to Celestial! Best of luck!!! I suppose we won't be seeing any posts for Dec. You'll be in the laundry room working your fingers to the bone.

  6. really hon. That's just too much. Perfect laundry for a whole month? I think I'd rather commit to running a marathon every day.

  7. I am pretty sure at my house it just could not be done. But my hat is off to you for your stellar efforts!! Good luck!

  8. I admit—-my hubby does his own laundry—I detest laundry, and….well….its not like he does any thing else around the house!

  9. You're a good, good woman. I hope it works out for you and that your washer doesn't implode from so much sudden use.

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