If you’re afraid of messes, please avert your eyes

Whew! I survived the Christmas gauntlet!  Yes, the actual holiday hasn’t happened yet, but all the crazy stuff is over; the only thing that’s left is run-of-the-mill present wrapping and grocery shopping. 

Because I’m an absolute idiot I decided to make the presents for my mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-law.  I was supposed to do this to save money and give something more heartfelt and creative.  You guys know how it goes, though; I ended up buying so many supplies to create my gifts that I should have just bought three cashmere sweaters instead (I’m afraid I can’t go into more detail.  My gift recipients have been know to read my blog, and there is nothing worse than spoiled presents).

All the crafting/wrapping/assembly came to a head last night.  I knew I had to get everything sent first thing this morning if there was to be any chance of people receiving their gifts by Christmas.  Long story short:

I was up until 3:15 am.  Part of this was due to perfectionism (ugh.  But I don’t want to give someone a gift if it’s not perfect!) and part of this was due to procrastination (I’ve been working on their gifts for over a month, though, so procrastination is only partly to blame).

The work zone (A.K.A. my kitchen table) was a mess when I went to bed, but at that point I was simply too tired to care. So this was the cheerful sight that greeted me this morning:

Mister took my packages to the post office first thing this morning, but I was left to deal with all the crafting wreckage. Thus my poor children were forced to eat breakfast (Eggo waffles for emergencies such as this) off of their chairs.

Ada dressed herself in this fashion-forward ensemble (or should I say fashion-backward?)

Hoo boy, is it ever shaping up to be a mediocre day!

12 thoughts on “If you’re afraid of messes, please avert your eyes

  1. If that's not class, I don't know what is! 🙂

    I'm sure they will appreciate your hard work and thoughtfulness, so it'll be worth the mess and the memories made.

    and didn't you know that wearing your clothes backwards is Cool, with a capital C. 🙂

  2. It's also cool to wear them inside-out, don't you know, with labels showing!

    Oh, Jennie! YOU ARE SO FUNNY! I'm still laughing! I want those two kid on my Flickr!

  3. Can't wait to see the post where you reveal what you made….you BETTER!!

    P.S. You are amazing—have a great Christmas!

  4. I totally cracked up at that picture of Jasper. I only saw the top first and I thought, "What a cute picture of Jasper eating." Then I scrolled down to see him eating off the chair and it just made me laugh.

    Thanks ahead of time for the heartfelt home-made present!

  5. hi! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog..re soap. keep it up..i was really crap when i started! xxx happy xmas xxx

  6. I just love that Ada dressed herself in such a creative way, totally cracked up to see that they were eating off their chairs, and I am really impressed that you got all the gifts finished and shipped and were still able to get up and make the kids waffles. I don't think that your family appreciates you enough. Oh well maybe Mr. does seeing as he braved the post office in the morning just for you.

  7. Your mother would like all these blog pictures on her Picture Frame, Please! (Sure miss them, and I only left YESTERDAY!)

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