This will all be over soon

Class parties.

Work parties.

Church parties.

Friend parties.

Teacher gifts.

Neighbor gifts.

Homemade gifts (what was I thinking?)

Kids’ gifts.

Hostess gifts.




Christmas lights.

Stocking stuffers.

Post office.

Post office again.

Priority shipping.

Overnight shipping.

So worn out.

So very, very tired.

P.S. Don’t forget the seven dental appointments this week to use up all the insurance money before the new year starts.  

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8 thoughts on “This will all be over soon

  1. So I would like to know how in the midst of all of the crazy things that you are doing, and adding in last minute dental appointments, do you find time to blog as well. I think that my blog is feeling slightly neglected, but that is probably because I am usually on another blog commenting. whoops.

  2. What on earth has happened when Christmas becomes such a horrifying chore there is no joy in it? Simplify, Simplify! (or else deligate.)

    I can say that because I don't have 6 kids, and my total decorations consist of one foot of fake pine bough with a bow, and a lapel pin.

    Sorry about the dental appointments. Who SCHEDULED those things?

  3. Hey, at least you don't have to pay all that dental stuff out of pocket, which hurts way worse.

    Only one more week!

  4. I just did a post about What Happened to Christmas?… we can get so caught up in this stuff, its hard to remember what its all about!

    Be blessed!

  5. I always know it is the end of the year when we are doing the flex spending shuffle.

    Adam is getting root canal even as I type…

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