The hills are alive

At different points in motherhood it’s necessary to admit that the idea of what your family would be like–the one you’ve had stored up in your head since you were ten years old–will not be happening.

One particular fantasy of mine came crashing down on Sunday.  Our family was asked to do a musical number in Church for the little kids (it was quite a gig; we had to perform in Junior and Senior Primary).  I always pictured myself having wonderfully musical children.  This is how it always went down in my imagination: I’d play the harp accompanied by various children on flutes, pianos and cellos.  Maybe one or two of them would sing a long beautifully.  The audience would be impressed and touched with our talents.

Reality has been quite a let down.

I did learn to play the harp and Mister has a gorgeous voice, but that’s where the fantasy ends.  I cannot sing at all.  I can carry a tune, but my vocal range is about five notes, so most of the time I sound not quite right.  But I’ve made my peace with that.  Consequently I wasn’t nervous to sing; if there’s no chance of sounding good, then there’s not much pressure.  


India and Arabella actually like to sing except when people are listening.  India quietly carried the tune but Arabella froze and did nothing but stare at a spot at the back of the room.  

York mumbled most of the song in a bored monotone and Finn stood behind us all, ocassionally moving his lips but no sound ever came out.

Ada stood and smiled for a while then sat with her class.  She does love to sing at the top of her lungs normally, but we neglected to teach her the song.

The von Trapp family singers we are not.  And never will be.

It’s a little sad, but I’m OK with it.

7 thoughts on “The hills are alive

  1. Well, anyhow, no family could have looked CUTER standing there and not singing!

    I still think with a little training, Darren, India and Bella (and even Ada) could be taught to sing both parts of "A Child's prayer.

  2. This post made me giggle. I can just picture the performance in my head. I don't doubt that you all looked adorable!

  3. I soo get it! Except the family I pictured in the back of a Volvo wagon didn't have voices AT ALL! How did I only imagine mute children?

  4. Well better to have that little experience in front of primary kids that were totally not paying attention anyway then to have it happen in front of an entire Christmas holiday packed congregation.

    I am sure that it was only really like that in your head, things always look worse the moments you are in front of a crowd.
    By the by I finished the aprons, they look so great, thanks for giving up your day to teach me how to sew.

  5. This post totally made me laugh. Ahhhh….

    I always pictured my family like the one in Carousel. The good family who all dressed the same and walked in a straight line following their mother. Instead I ended up with the other family from that movie, the wild child who runs around with no shoes. Yep, things haven't turned out as I planned either.

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