Help! My family doesn’t like spaghetti!

I’m seriously in need of some culinary help.  I need some quick and easy dinner recipes.  Actually they don’t even have to be easy.  All I’m asking for is quick.

I’ve been baking and decorating up a storm, not to mention spending most evenings at Christmas events, and my poor family has been feeling the effects.  This weekend alone I had to make over twelve dozen cookies for various functions.  As much as my kids say they’d like cookies for every meal, it’s not true.  They actually want healthy food occasionally.  Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are.  

Last night I had Finn make dinner while I was finally putting up the last of my Christmas lights (kind of late to be doing that, but they were sitting in a heap on my front porch mocking me. Plus it was really warm out and I had to take advantage).  All he made was quesadillas.  That’s it.  I forgot to tell him to serve some fruits or veg too.  Or rather I assumed that since he’s been eating meals at my house for all these years that he would have picked up that little tidbit.  But no.  Just quesadillas.  With a side of chocolate from the advent calendar (Finn is only ten, so I shouldn’t be surprised.)

So if you have a tasty meal that can be ready pretty fast, post it on your blog and send me a link.  I’ll post them all. I’m not the only one staring at the clock at 6 pm saying, “oh crap”, right?  Right?

12 thoughts on “Help! My family doesn’t like spaghetti!

  1. You mean you can't just have quesadillas and chocolate. That's the way we eat all the time…at least on the nights we don't have spaghetti.

  2. Nachos (with black beans and chicken) are always a big one around here when we have no time.

    And so is Tortilla Soup. I have a recipe I make when I HAVE time and one I make when I don't (also known as the only thing we are going to eat if we ever have to live off of our year supply.)

    2 cans canned chicken
    1 can chicken broth
    1 can diced tomatoes
    1 can corn
    1 can diced green chiles (small can)
    1 can enchilada sauce (I like red, my MIL uses green)
    1 can kidney beans

    You open them all, drain them all (except the tomatoes) and pour them in a pot to simmer. Serve with grated cheese, sour cream, and chips. (and avacado if you have it!)

    My oldest daughter HATES tomatoes, so I just dish her up some of the chicken, beans and corn and she eats it with the chips. Same for the 2 year old (but only because I don't want her to HAVE the soup part…)

    Even better is you can have one of your kids do ALL of the work!

  3. Sesame chicken. Hugely popular at our house and easy.

    Teriyaki meatballs and rice. Almost no cooking involved. An idiot could make this:

    Sweet Pea's Chicken Taco Soup. Throw together in the morning, let the slow cooker do the work. Good news- no canned cream of something soup in this beauty:

    Oven fried chicken. Get a flat of chicken legs for about $5. Your oldest kids could do the dipping.

    Classic Sloppy Joes. Flexible with the ingredients.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Make mini pizzas on pilsbury grands biscuits – all you need is the biscuits, sauce, cheese & whatever else you want, put it all on the RAW biscuit and bake for 12 mins!

    Super easy.

  5. When you were a kid you LOVED canned Dinty Moore stew. Do they? Throw in some frozen peas and corn for color. You don't even have to cook the peas or corn. But you do have to warm it up.

    And how about Mexican 7 layer dip and chips already made from the store.

    Roast chicken from the store with mixed veggies – 7 minutes. Buns or biscuits to fill them up.

    Thanks everybody else for some good ideas for ME!

    Also swear repentance for next year on the volunteerism!

  6. Taco Soup
    (comes with the veggies, so no side needed)
    1 lb ground beef, cooked, plus one envelope taco seasoning
    1 can diced tomatoes (we like petite diced)
    1 can corn
    1 can black beans
    1 can kidney beans
    1 jar salsa–your fave

    dump in crockpot and let simmer ALL day. Serve with tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and whatever else you like (avocado, diced fresh tomato, etc) Or just as is. This whips up in 10 minutes, and waits until YOU are ready.

    Also? Grilled cheese sandwiches with your choice of canned soup and a side of canned fruit. Not beautiful, but fast and easy.

    Sliced Ham (you can find thick slices of ham near the chicken), scalloped potatoes and green beans. Voila!

    I know what you mean–good luck, my dear.

  7. Here are a few links to quick recipes we've tried and liked. I noticed several of them say "serve over rice" which isn't necessarily quick. You could use instant rice, but I usually find it just as fast and a lot cheaper to cook up a bunch and keep the extra in the fridge. It also freezes okay if necessary. Hope these ideas help someone 🙂

  8. My favorite recipes that are quick have to do with a can of beans….

    There's the cut up chicken from Costco—-mix with black beans and mango salsa in a frying pan on the stove. Serve it over brown rice—DELISH!!

    Another one is my three bean dip—meal. Combine black beans, pink beans and pinto beans in a bowl, cut up and add two tomatoes, and an avocado. Add Kraft Italian dressing and about two tablespoons of fresh cilantro—stir together and serve with tortilla chips—-another super DELISH fast dinner!!

    (I serve both of these with a side of fruit…)


  9. Beef Stroganoff

    Brown beef cubes in oil
    Toss in some mushrooms at some point
    When the meat is browned, pour in 2 cups water and 2 packets of brown gravy mix. Stir.
    Let that boil and then toss in a heaping spoonful of sour cream and stir again.

    Serve over cooked noodles (wide egg is my fav) and put another dollop of sour cream on top if desired.

  10. Unfortunately, most of my quick and easy recipes come from you or mom, so you have them all. I think I may have a few more. I'll look around.

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