O tannenbaum

I’m trying to scrape together any shards of enthusiasm I have for the holidays and Christmatize my house.  I realize most of you decorated the second the Thanksgiving dishes were clean, but holiday decorations are simply not my thing.  

Why isn’t a tree good enough?  Why must I have bannisters wrapped in garlands?  And a village of happy elves frolicking in fake snow? And a wooden statue (or twelve) of Santa, artfully distressed to look like it might have sat on the mantle of my pioneer grandmother?  Why, oh why?

But I have children, so decorate I must.  Just know I will be swearing (under my breath if everyone’s lucky) as I drag that stupid tree down from the attic and figure out how many new strings of lights we need to replace this year.


I love Jesus, and I’m really glad that he was born, but I sure hate the whole Christmas ordeal.

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8 thoughts on “O tannenbaum

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    I TOTALLY get why my mom does very little now.


    But we do it for the kids!

  2. We are way too much a like Jennie. I too keep putting it all off. My kids have been begging for days to put the tree up…sigh! There just is so much to do and no time to do it in…and don’t get me started on cleaning it all back up. UGH! Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to drag the crap out I go. Really I love Christmas, I just wish I could pay someone to do it for me.


    I love Christmas decorating! Not as much as Halloween, for sure. But I do love my little Christmassy things and the soft glow of Christmas lights all over my house. can’t wait to get to it tomorrow!

  4. My sentiments exactly! I have yet to purchase a gift and still am trying to figure out if I could actually make it through Christmas without doing so. I could, but the question is…could everyone else? I asked my son, who just returned from Guatemala, what are your expectations for Christmas? Are you expecting a tree? How big? He thinks I’m kidding. Not!

  5. Oh dear. Christmas is my FAVORITE season, so I think that I am a bit sad for you.

    I tend to be a sparkly type gal and love my tree and lights and garland and even the cheesy songs at Christmastime.

    But then again, I would NEVER have little elves with scary looking faces around my house—I detest those things!

  6. I decorate for Christmas. Kind of. After a fashion. My kids like it. But it’s nowhere near what you find in other houses.

    And the other holidays? bah, humbug!

    Emily m.

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