Une petite jalousie

My new BFF Michelle is a force to be reckoned with.  Not only did she write a fab article for Segullah today, but she is the featured story on Shutterfly.  She makes me green with envy because of her writing and especially her photography skills.  But she’s such a sweetie I can’t really hate her (even though her six kids are all perfect! And her husband is a doll!)

Here’s hoping we go all the way soon, Michelle! 
You can check out more of Michelle’s talentedness at her blog.
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2 thoughts on “Une petite jalousie

  1. You crack me up! But you’ll have to change that link ’cause I don’t write on Segullah til tomorrow (a post inspired by you and yet I totally take you to task on the Santa thing).

    You’re the one making a real breakfast for your kids. How do I measure up to THAT!?

    And why does the word verification say “dietpig”? Seriously.

  2. I’m in love, a new girl crush.

    Please tell me she is actually wonderful and I won’t hate on her either.

    What a talent!

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