Christmas Eve Eve

Like you’re actually going to be reading a blog today.  But just in case you find yourself with some free time on Christmas Eve, here’s a rundown of what I did yesterday (which is still Tuesday in my head since I haven’t gone to sleep yet). Let me just say that my favorite thing about Christmas is the long store hours.  I love shopping at night.  LOVE IT!

–Grocery store for “The Big Dinner” (meaning Christmas Eve when we will be inviting 18 people over to celebrate)
–Dropped off some of Jasper’s old clothes at my friend’s house.  Sat on the porch and talked til the boys started honking the horn. (oh, yes, just to make the shopping more enjoyable I brought along York and Finn.)

–Crate & Barrel to pick up some glasses that had been on backorder.  They are really cute and cost 95¢ each. For that price they’re practically disposable. That, my friends, is why I love Crate and Barrel. York, however, took one look at the place and said, “this would be the worst place in the world to get a job.  I would really rather work at Home Depot.” Glad to know that, York.
–Toy store because I realized this morning that I don’t have a single stocking stuffer for Arabella.  York bought a pack of party favors to give his sibs for Christmas. I ended up buying a bunch of birthday presents for Bella.  Her birthday is in May.  How much do you want to bet that I completely forget by then?
–Dollar store because Finn wanted to buy presents for his sibs too.  I bought a bunch of glowy necklaces for our trip to Disneyworld (at the dollar store they cost 2 for $1.00.  At Disney they are $5.00 each.  I’ll just bring them along in my purse on the night we plan to go to the parade. The kids will be none the wiser.)
–Party City to get silver bowls for the all-silver theme of Christmas Eve. Strange that I picked that theme since I don’t really like silver.  But it just seemed right, you know?
–Justice (AKA pre-teen heaven) to see if they have the Blue Jay Webkinz that India has been drooling over for months. No luck, but they did have a cardinal, chickadee and hummingbird. 
–Walked across the parking lot to Hallmark to check out their Webkinz selection.  Paltry in comparison.
–Walked back to Justice (what’s with all the walking? Am I some sort of European?) and settled on the chickadee, a hedgehog and a dragon since they ended up being 40% off. I gave India the Chickdee today as payment for babysitting all day long.  And all day yesterday too.
–Made it just in time for my face waxing appointment.  I now have lovely eyebrows and no more moustache.
–Picked up York’s friend to have a playdate.
–Made 2 dozen rolls.
–Went to tithing settlement. I don’t know why I have to go.  I make no money and last time I checked 10% of 0 is o.
–Tried to make another dozen rolls but these suckers were not interested in rising. I threw the dough in the garbage (“take that!”).  It will probably overflow the can by morning.
–Put the kids to bed. Realized I forget to make the babies dinner.  Unless you count a handful of peanuts dinner. Well, the bishop gave them two mini candy bars as well. Good enough.
–Went to Kohl’s to buy some capris because I have nothing to wear to Florida due to the fact that I’m seriously fatter than last summer.
–Went to Nerdsville Central, otherwise known as the Dragon’s Lair, otherwise know as “your multi-player game headquarters” to buy the game Killer Bunnies (which is just a regular card game.  But super fun.) for India.  Thanks goodness they were open til midnight.  I just barely squeaked in.
–Back to the grocery store to buy the things I forgot 14 hours earlier.  They were entirely out of cranberries. I’m making cranberry-topped brie.  What am I supposed to do now?  There is no way I am taking a single step into a store until after Christmas. Sounds like a job for Errand Man Mister
Whew.  No wonder I’m so tired.  And broke.
Merry Christmas!  God bless us, every one.
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6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Eve

  1. I’m worn out now.

    I love your food storage list. I’m trying to get caught up so I can start with you at the beginning of the year.

  2. Alright Jennie, sounds like you are too busy for your own good. I wish you were still living closer so your fabulousness (I just made that word up) could rub off on me! I saw your Christmas card at my parents and your family has just blossomed. Your kids are looking more beautiful than I remember! This is Colby, in case you were wondering…and I miss you guys incredibly. I will now be blog stalking you and hoping to become an awesome Mom like you. I am almost to six kids, just kidding, but I did just have our third. Time flies…write me with your email address, I would love to chat! Merry Christmas!

    Love, Colby and Family

  3. Oh Jennie,

    I am way bushed just reading your list! And laughed along the shopping trip.
    What? YOUR rolls, Jennie’s roll wouldn’t rise? Yo make the most devine rolls in all roll heaven!
    Your dinner will be delicious! I saw cranberries finally for the first time in two weeks at Smiths last night. I too had been looking and gave up. All our guests have left.
    Enjoy Disneyland and have a wonderful Christmas. Please hug the kids for us.


  4. Is there a day where people are not looking at your blog? I am surprised that you even think that. What am I going to read and laugh at while you are on your vacation…can you call a trip with six kids and a theme park a vacation? well I hope that it is a good one for you, and the glow sticks in the purse trick, genius!

    I love that you went to no less than ten stores just to find specific gifts and still made time to pamper yourself while you were out and about. Where do you get your eyebrows done?

    I feel your pain on the out of stock grocery stores I can’t find fresh chives! I know how dumb is that. It sounds like this is just the beginning of the busy stuff at your house so good luck with the dinner, Christmas gifts, and travel. You may need it.

  5. Dang it, I have two bags of cranberries in my fridge. I could have helped you out, but I obviously didn’t read this on Christmas Eve as I was busy doing a million things myself.

  6. all that in a day? You’re insane! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one whose bread won’t rise sometimes.

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