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Mister came home from the Austin Film Festival earlier this year and announced, “I have a new movie for my top 10 list! It’s called Slumdog Millionaire.  When it comes out you have to see it!”  

It finally came out here and we went to see it last week.  While not on my Top 10 list, it was probably my favorite movie of the year. It is a movie that takes place in India about a young man who is a contestant on “Who wants to be a Millionaire”.  He grew up in the slums of India, eventually orphaned, and nobody can believe that this guy can possibly know the answers.  The idea of the movie is that for every answer that he knows, you go back in his life and see how he learned it.  An interesting concept that works beautifully.

One thing was concerning to me: it is rated R. When Mister saw it it hadn’t been rated yet and he assured me that there was nothing objectionable in it. I took his word for it and couldn’t agree more.  Especially when you consider that really horrid unpleasant movies like Dark Knight are PG-13.  So the MPAA, which gives the movies their ratings, said that Slumdog Millionaire is rated R because it is so intense.  To which I say, too intense???  This is from the same MPAA that gave Omega Man a PG-13? Omega Man which was so intense I felt exhausted after I watched it and had nightmares for three days?

If you are not going to see rated Rs on principle, than you will be missing out on a really wonderful film.  If, however, you want to take my word for it that this is a movie with barely any  swearing, some violence (mostly fist fights and some cruelty to orphans) and zero nudity and sex, then you are in for a real treat.  I would totally let India (my daughter, not the country) see it and I’m hyper-vigilant about what my kids watch.

It is probably only at the artsy movie theatres right now, so get a babysitter and make a fun night of it.  You won’t regret it!

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  1. Thank you. Unfortunately, because it’s R I probably wouldn’t have bothered to look into it, now I will. The ratings are soo frustrating.

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