Red light, green light

You guys know I love Mister, right? He’s just not the handiest guy around.  As in not handy at all.  And apparently Christmas lights fall into the “handy” category.  We haven’t had them in years; not since we lived in Oregon and had some out-of-work Russians who would hang ours for really cheap.

This year I took matters into my own hands. With the girl’s best friend (a glue gun) by my side I did a bang-up job.  Before I started I went on a little recon mission.  I drove around the neighborhood to see what the popular color schemes are this year so I would know what not to pick.  (I like to be different in my own little way.) You should know that white lights are completely my taste. Lovely and classy as they are, though, they’re a dime a dozen. As are multicolors.  As are icicle lights.  There are a few oddballs in the neighborhood with blue lights (for Hanukkah?).  Or all red lights like a guy in my cul-de-sac (It gives his house a nice Satanic feel).  One strange person down the street has green and white lights (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!).  But nobody has strictly red and green, so that’s the color scheme I went with.

After fiddling with timers, extension cords and light sensors I finally got all the lights to work. The big lights are very finicky and the display blew five fuses before I figured out that when the package says “no more than three stands plugged together”, it was serious.  Our house now screams “Merry Christmas”.  

I lack the basic photo skills to adequately capture the holiday magic, but you get the idea.

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15 thoughts on “Red light, green light

  1. They look super! Very classy.

    We do white lights each year. Yes, a dime a dozen, but I prefer the clean look.

    The decoration I really detest are the blow up Santas on motorcyles sitting on peoples lawns.

  2. You have a nice house! Wow. It looks good.

    But mostly I want to thank you for giving me the idea to blog from my treadmill. I got one (early) for Christmas and I set my computer up on it immediately. Thanks. Life changing.

  3. Well, even win a house with a handy husband, it still fell on me to put up the lights. I like your red and green. but I love just white lights. They look like stardust and heaven and fairies to me. I just love love love them. But I also think you can make them look better than the average house if you do a creative arrangement. And stay away from the icicles.

  4. You hung the lights with a glue gun? I would have thought that was a job for something like a staple gun, or something else a little more heavy duty. You have shown that the glue gun still has guts. Nice work.

    Way to stand out in the crowd of Christmas lights. How often do you see a house with such festive lights, and bikes on the front porch too.

  5. Our neighbours go all out every year, they put us to shame even though their kids are grown up and mine is just starting to grow. We simply can’t compete so we don’t even try!!

    Must admit, Im starting to feel slightly shamed into doing something. Oh well if you open my front door you can see the lights on the Christmas tree.

  6. I drove through your neighborhood tonight and can attest to the “satanic” lights on a certain house. Very creepy, and they look like dripping blood on ever line of the house… much prefer your red and green!

  7. Are you serious? Aren’t you the one who posted something about keeping it basic? This looks fantastic, and I LOVE the red and green lights. So cool, Jennie. You really are talented and ambitious. I think your husband should take them down for you though, after Christmas.

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