It’s a week for friendship

At church we are doing a “friendship week”.  Everyone who is interested is given a secret family similar to theirs (in other words, some little old widow isn’t going to get stuck with us and our six kids) that they are to do nice things for all week (“nice things”… Read More

2010: “The Word”

What is it this whole “theme for 2010” that is going around the blogosphere? Last year a few people were doing it: coming up with a theme word for their lives in 2009. Stuff like “excellence” or “positivity”. This year it seems like everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.  I… Read More

The hills are alive

At different points in motherhood it’s necessary to admit that the idea of what your family would be like–the one you’ve had stored up in your head since you were ten years old–will not be happening. One particular fantasy of mine came crashing down on Sunday.  Our family was asked… Read More

The ultimate gift

It was Mister’s birthday last week. The poor guy is just dying because he is in his forties. I know! It’s super old (just kidding. I’m only a year and a half from the big four-oh myself). I wanted to make his birthday really special so I gave him the best… Read More

Oh, they wobble all right

I asked for this one year for Christmas. I mean, who could resist that monorail? Or those teacups? But I didn’t get the whole set. I only got the Mickey Mouse Weebles themselves. Maybe it was out of spite or maybe just curiosity, but I shortly found out what happens… Read More

Pass the earmuffs

One of the constants in my marriage; one of the things that never wavers no matter how many times we move or how many babies are born is this: Mister is always hot and I am always cold. It has been thus as long as we have known each other.… Read More