12 thoughts on “Were you trying to be polite?

  1. RUDE!
    I totally would have told you.
    AND I would have added that you had some nasty spinach leaf stuck between your front teeth, just to minimize the shirt thing.

  2. Well, when I was in jr. high school, it was COOL to wear your shirt inside out. Maybe you're just re-starting the trend!?

  3. Hmmmm—I believe that I have several shirts that are made to look like they are inside out—-so I probably would have been confused and not known the difference.

    Viva la fashion statement!!!

  4. Oh no! That is funny!!

    And we found out today that my husband got the job in Texas…so Austin (or San Antonio) here we come.

  5. I had an entire lunch date with Mindi who had her shirt on backwards and I had no idea. I guess we're all just too preoccupied with our own selves. The good news is, probably nobody noticed your shirt.

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