The day is spent and so am I

Just a little note to tell you that I am officially worn out.  This is the last week before school starts and I am running on fumes.  Thus, I probably won’t be blogging much.  I probably will once school is up and running and I have my life purring along.  It’s funny how much I hate schedules and routines.  All that planning ahead makes me a little antsy. I took the Meyers-Briggs test recently  (yet again) and I came up as INTP (which I often do, but not always).  I hate those little descriptions of the different personality types because they all seem aimed at men.  I’m supposed to be some deep thinker who sits around all day entirely wrapped up in my fabulous ideas.  But I’m a mom to many which means my mind is wrapped up in things like finding matching socks and determining which pizza coupon will save me the most money.  Anyway, I found this great blurb about INTPs and schedules:

“INTPs dislike having their lives planned. They feel a distinct unease before most fixed appointments and cannot fully relax until the scheduled event is over. The source of the unease is simply the feeling that a planned schedule inhibits and robs the INTP of freedom.”

So you see, it’s in my personality to hate planning and schedules! The ironic thing is that my life hums along so much better if I stick to a schedule. But I hate it so.

I know that I will have to get my act together when school starts and I know that will make me happier. But I dread it. Mostly because it’s so monotonous; waking the kids (and myself) up early every day; making lunches every day; helping with homework every day; driving kids to scouts and piano and all that kind of stuff. Ack!

This is my last week to lie around and be a slacker. To not accomplish much of anything (Although I have promised myself that I will be cleaning the entire upstairs. The kids rooms are disasters). So my blog posts would be endless repetitions of, “why can’t these kids throw garbage in the garbage cans? How long should we spend at the pool today? What should I make for lunch/breakfast/snacks/dinner? Why do the kids stuff dirty socks in nooks and crannies instead of throwing them in the laundry hamper. Or even in the middle of the floor. At least that way they’d be easy to find.”

Oh wait, that already is my blog! Silly me.

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8 thoughts on “The day is spent and so am I

  1. Poor Lambie! How disheartening to stick to a schedule. How monotonous to say the same ignored things to six kids all day every day. How exhausting to search for sox in every conceivable unlikely place (like in the dog food sack in the garage). But you are a GREAT MOM, and someday it will all be worth it. They will rise up and call you blessed (and lame- brained, and nagging, and old-fashioned.) But they will love you anyhow.

  2. I hear ya!! My kids went back last week. I hate letting the school decide everything! I will say that it is better than last year though! At least they are at the SAME school!!

  3. Well, I didn't intend on lurking over to slap some more stress on you, INTP, but YOU are a mother of SIX (baby!) future seminary students. And with any luck at all, you'll live in an area with the whole seminary building on the HS campus thingy, but if not, welcome [soon] to the world of EARLY MORNING SEMINARY for teenagers who also seem to need to be up late at night. And I'm the mom who must be tucking the last little birdy in bed, and rising to make sure they have some nice fresh wormies to see them on their way in the morning. So double ACK. You are in training, sister, and you're in GREAT shape! [from what I can tell] Consider this year a gimme.

  4. Hey those descriptions sound like me. Appointments, schedules and getting up early can't stand those things controlling my day. But I have to admit they have their place in helping me to focus my day better! Awwwe, who needs 'em anyway!

    Still love reading your blog, your like a breath of fresh air, but some days I just don't have that much to say or contribute.

    Hope your days before school go better than expected for you, and the kids of course. 🙂

  5. I stumbled upon your blog and I want to tell you how funny and charming you are! 🙂 Have a great day!

  6. The schedule thing is one that I am ambivelent about. Whenever I do the Myers-Briggs test, I never know how to answer the ones about if I prefer a schedule or if I am spontaneous. I'm neither. Or both. I do like a schedule because things run better that way, but I also enjoy being spontaneous and flying by the seat of my pants. But then I'm an ESFJ and we mostly just do what makes other people happy, so maybe that's why I can't decide.

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