We’re back from Galveston.  Did you know that it’s actually an island?  I didn’t until I went there this week.  My friend Cheryl invited us to come and hang out with her and her kids (our husbands both had to work.  They’re lame that way) to “escape the heat”.  Unfortunately Galveston defies all logic. Despite being on the coast, it’s actually hotter and more humid than it was in Austin.  The only relief was to actually get in the water (which is 90º.  Really). Not my favorite thing to do.  But desperate times call for desperate measures and I actually spent hours in the ocean.  If you know me in real life, you won’t say anything about how nice and tan I must be looking.  All my children are looking like they have a different ethnicity, but me?  I’m still pasty white.  Which is how I like it, so it’s all good.

Everything in my car is encrusted with sand, and I’m somehow upright despite early-rising kids coupled with staying up til 2 am every night chatting.

I have the home-from-vacation-and-now-I-realize-how-lame-and-unfun-my-life-actually-is blues.  But Mister and I took the kids to Target this evening for unbridled chaos school supply shopping, which is a bittersweet (mostly sweet) reminder that the kids will soon be out of my hair on a more regular basis.

All in all, it was a lovely way to cap off the summer.

Eleven more days.

P.S. Galveston is looking great, especially since it got absolutely pummeled last September by Hurricane Ike.  Most buildings have been rebuilt/repainted/reroofed, but a few looked rather ghostly.


P.S. More pics of my kids in water. Sorry! But it’s hot here so all we do is swim. What else am I supposed to take pictures of? Fighting over whose turn it is to play wii? Just wait until Cheryl gets back. She took piles of really great pictures, but she’s staying at the beach for a few more days.



9 thoughts on “Galveston

  1. I remember Galveston from when I was only 8, and went there once. I sure do remember hot and muggy! I also remember crabbing from a pier with chunks of meat on a string. The crabs latched on, we pulled them up, then Dad shook them into a bucket while I ran screaming down the pier, certain all 10 of the crabs had escaped the bucket and were scurrying after me, hot for revenge!

    Glad your trip was only hot. Glad the kids had fun. Super glad school starts soon!

  2. I can't believe you've never heard of Galveston. I've known about that one hurricane that killed all those people for ages, even seen several History channel specials on it, and I haven't had cable for 3 years! Sounds like a delightful trip. My kids don't start school until Sept. 8. Here we wait right until the weather turns cold to put them back inside…

  3. I've heard about Galveston. I just thought it was a city on the coast. I didn't know it was an actual island requiring a trip across a big bridge.

    Plus, Mom, that pier got completely demolished. There are a few pieces of it left sticking out of the water, that's all.

  4. Great, now I have that song "Galveston, oh Galveston" in my head, was that Glen Campbell of Rhinestone Cowboy fame? It would better if I knew more of the song, but I'm sure I'll be singing it for hours. Glad you had a good time in the water.

  5. That looks, and sounds like fun…um maybe not the extra added heat factor, but the water and sand encrusted car sound like you sure made it a fun trip.

    I see that you are in an exclusive club with Cheryl, nice to know that you have a close friend that will escape with your when all the husbands want to do is work.

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