The Old Swimmin’ Hole

To beat the Texas heat we went to Krause Springs last week. It’s about 45 minutes west of Austin and is an old fashioned swimmin’ hole.

Complete with a rope swing:

It is, quite literally, a hole. It’s been carved out of limestone, thus the “beach” looks like this (I spent the entire time telling the kids to be careful not to slip and crack their heads open):

There was also a spring-fed swimming pool which was freezing. The kids didn’t mind, though.

When I wasn’t worrying about the babies cracking their heads open, I was worrying about them wandering off and drowning. Next to the pool was an old lifeguard stand; the perfect place for keeping little kids from running away.

The kids loved Krause Springs. Me? Notsomuch. Let’s look at it from a mathematical standpoint:

(child x 6) + water + (rocks x waterfall x slippery moss) + mother (-father) + fire ants under picnic table = Jennie needs a valium

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13 thoughts on “The Old Swimmin’ Hole

  1. Looks like so much fun to me, but I don't have two quite as young as yours so I understand the stress of it all.
    I love how non-timid your kids are.

  2. that equation just made me laugh.

    i hear you on the no father thing–an undertaking like that requires TWO PARENTAL UNITS.

    bravo on your bravery. or momentary lapse of sanity!

  3. You are brave. I won't take the kids swimming without Dean along, and even then I get exhausted from being vigilant. But I do love seeing my kids enjoy the water.

  4. Hahaha, I loved that picture with the one freezing kid ("not my kid"). I'm glad they had fun, but I wouldn't blame you if you never went again. Or only with kids wearing helmets.

  5. This place is too utterly GORGEOUS to be an ol' swimmin' hole! They must surely charge admission. When I come in September, I'll be the other Parental Unit. Fantastic Fotos!

  6. You are too funny. The not my kid tag is my favorite I think!

    And an old fashioned watering hole! Now I really want to move to Texas!!

  7. haha. We took our kids to Zilker the other day and I was a wreck! The moss made it nearly impossible for Izzy to walk in the water, and James is fearless and kept wandering into the deep, so I had no fun whatsoever. I can't even imagine that x 4 more! But the pictures are awesome!

  8. I'm with you on every account. But I probably would have gone there myself without spouse. How could you not have thought that small child would topple of old lifeguard stand? If I went with you, I'd have supplied the happy pill.

  9. I would probably be the same and freaking out too! But I'm glad your kids had fun, and that you got some awesome photos out of it. 🙂 Next time wrap your kids in bubblewrap, then maybe that will ease your mind, they won't crack their heads open AND they will float! 😉

  10. Boy, do your girls have long, LONG legs! Get em from their mom! (It's hard to tell about the boys, what with the baggy shorts.)

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