2010: “The Word”

What is it this whole “theme for 2010” that is going around the blogosphere? Last year a few people were doing it: coming up with a theme word for their lives in 2009. Stuff like “excellence” or “positivity”. This year it seems like everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. 

I don’t know . . . . I just don’t get it. 

Like I’m not going to be excellent or stay positive unless I make it my “theme”. It’s all a little too “Seven Habits” for me. Just one more thing to clutter my mind and make feel guilty at the end of the day.

The whole business makes me roll my eyes. But that’s just me. If finding some sort of motivational word gets you all charged up then more power to you. Really! That’s great!

Does that count?  Can I make “Procrastination” my theme of 2010?  Because I’m pretty sure I can make that one a total success.

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10 thoughts on “2010: “The Word”

  1. I'm jumping on your bandwagon… "Procrastination" is my theme now too. …. OK, just kidding… my theme is "Sanity"

  2. This morning my reader was full of people's word of the year and then I read your post. I laughed all day, so I figured it warranted a first-time comment. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Oh I like this little theme that you are getting into. I do believe that is one that I could actually work around. Good work Jennie, you are really on to something here.

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