Pass the earmuffs

One of the constants in my marriage; one of the things that never wavers no matter how many times we move or how many babies are born is this: Mister is always hot and I am always cold. It has been thus as long as we have known each other.

 On Friday night Mister and I went to hear India sing in her school choir performance*.  The show ended at 7:30 and we walked outdoors where it was a “pleasant” 72º.  Only I was so freezing that I ran all the way to the car.  Mister guffawed at me.  And then began the same conversation we have had approximately three thousand times:

Him: “How can you be cold?  It’s 72!  It feels fantastic!”
Me: “I don’t care what the thermometer says.  I’m cold.”
Him:  “You can’t possibly be cold!”
Me:  “Well, I am!  So can you please roll up all the car windows?”
Him: “How can you be cold?  It’s 72!  It feels fantastic!”

Repeat this conversation three or four times until I finally scream. “I’m sorry!  I’m just cold!  I can’t help it!  Leave me alone!”

After we dropped India off at home, we went out to the movies.  But first I changed into my heaviest wool sweater.  Which felt wonderful.  Because I don’t care what people say, 72 is cold! (Especially after a brutal summer of 67 days of 100º+ temps.)

You don’t even want to know what happened when we got into bed that night.  It had something to do with a fan turned on high vs. socks, long pajamas and a down comforter

* A performance where she had to wear a “regulation” $85 dress.  A plain black satin dress for $85!  This is public school!  How can they get away with that sort of thing?  Plus, haven’t they ever heard of ebay?  No doubt you could get the same thing for under $25.   

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9 thoughts on “Pass the earmuffs

  1. I'm always cold, too. I decided some day when I have a house/apartment of my own and I'm making more than I'm spending each month, I'm going to save up and install a heated floor. That's heaven.

  2. LOL LOL
    I can't think how many times I have actually heard you two have that conversation.
    Very, very funny.
    I guess you'll never be able to come see me in Minnesota. You'd shrivel up and die at the airport. bummer.

  3. Our hot/cold divide is not as great as yours, but it's definately there. And no matter how many times we have that conversation, he still doesn't get it! Except we are both dreading the upcoming Wisconsin winter and are going on a "-40 degree rated" buying spree of coats and boots and gloves…

  4. At Lindsey's school, they just have to pay $20 for a rental of the choir dress for the year.

    We're always like that (hot and cold) when we watch shows in our gameroom. Kelly wants the fan on and I cover up in blankets and am still cold.

  5. This is hilarious, 72 is my perfect weather! Our house thermostat is set at 65 in the winter, when the outside temps are sometimes below 0! Don't move to wisconsin 🙂

  6. Ah James and I are exactly the same. Sometimes when I go to the store late at night I turn the heat on in the car, and the next day I hear all about how he almost died of heat when he turned on the car. Give me a break.

    I guess the up side to our never ending battle is that I pretty much never have to share the covers, he is always "dying of heat" so hooray to that.

  7. You just described my marriage too, only with less arguing about it. Usually I just have an extra blanket on my side of the bed, long pajamas, thick socks. And DH moves upstairs to the freezing cold, air condtioned guest bed when he gets hot.

  8. I would have straight up smacked someone over an $85 dress.

    And I don't understand being cold. I am always hot!!

  9. Laughed a lot like Tifster, having heard that argumenft between you a zillion times!

    What I can't figure out is why Mister isn't built like York with his high metabolism! Wish I could have some — it would save on fuel bills!

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