Sparkly Colored Oreos

Colored Oreos are an adorable party treat. Think of the theme possibilities! Pink and purple for a princess party. Red and blue for a Superman party. Light blue and brown for a boy baby shower. Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Oooh, my imagination is running wild! These are white chocolate… Read More


Christ the Lord is ris’n today! (Well, not today but around this time a couple thousand years ago.) Happy Easter! I ate candy all through church. By Hildie | Filed under Holidays 15 Comments Share

Obligatory Halloween Photos

Jasper the Skeleton (hand-me-down costume from Finn) Ada the Ladybug (I love when they want to wear last year’s costume) Arabella the witch (a gluegun, buttons and tulle go a long way) Finn went as . . . not really sure. He went to the trunk-or-treat on Friday but pooped… Read More

Halloween Candy: A Scholarly Treatise

The appeal of Halloween is easy to see. It revolves around one of the most magical themes of childhood: free candy. I had a slavish, almost pathological devotion to sweets growing up. It drove me insane, INSANE, to watch my sister parcel out her Halloween candy stash. She would eat… Read More

Earth Day [groan]

Today is Earth Day. I happen to think Earth Day is pretty ridiculous. I think there is too much pollution and too much waste, but having a DAY where those ideas are forced down our throats?  To me it’s like Wal-Mart carrying organic food. All I can say is, “give… Read More

Happy Easter

Have a lovely Easter everyone! (I love when rabbits row me around the lake in an eggshell. It’s so fun.) Ada happened to find the stash of Easter candy in my closet (why don’t I ever learn my lesson and put it up high? I’ll tell you why; lifting my… Read More

The Easter Party

Yesterday was the Easter party at Ada and Jasper’s preschool.  School Parties and I just don’t get along.  There are so many reasons.  Let’s explore: I have six children. Would you want to run any errands with six kids? Neither would I. When the kids are in school I have… Read More

Sister Evangeline’s Dirty Forehead

There is a low-point in everyone’s High School career and mine was Algebra 2 with Sister Evangeline.   I went to an all-girls High School at a Catholic convent despite being a life-long Mormon. About half of our teachers were nuns (who, I was disappointed to find out, did not… Read More

I like palm trees

Where has Jennie been, you may be wondering. Or not. We went to Phoenix to visit the in-laws. It went pretty well, considering there were 14 people with various codependent/bossy/dysfunctional/passive aggressive personality traits under one roof.  The weather was lovely, the pool was warm and the food was plentiful and… Read More

Happy Pilgrim Day

Here is a picture of me dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, gathering greens for the table decorations. (hey, I am decended from five Mayflower passengers!) Actually, I’m still in pajamas, taking a break after making Pecas Honeypots (like the best parts of a Pecan Pie, but a million times better), Texas… Read More

Yep, Halloween photos

Halloween: when I’m even more of a witch than normal. My mother is going to bug me until I post some pictures, so I’m just getting it over with.   All costumes were homemade this year (except York’s; all I had to get for him was a $4 ski mask.… Read More