Sparkly Colored Oreos

Colored Oreos are an adorable party treat. Think of the theme possibilities! Pink and purple for a princess party. Red and blue for a Superman party. Light blue and brown for a boy baby shower. Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Oooh, my imagination is running wild!

These are white chocolate covered Oreos. . . that aren’t white. And that’s not actually chocolate they’re dipped in; it’s called “candy coating” and these cookies are covered with sparkly sanding sugar too. Definitely a show-stopper of a cookie, whatever it’s called! I’m going to show you how to make them.


Not only are these fun and yummy, they are easy to make. Like, seriously easy. And they can be made a couple of weeks in advance. I love doing everything I can for parties way ahead of time. I’m always running behind on party days and am so relieved when I’ve already gotten stuff done.

You can color about 18-22 sandwich cookies with one bag of candy melts. It’s not very scientific, though. Some people skimp on the chocolate and others don’t. If you are planning on making vast amounts of these for a wedding reception or something similar, you ought to experiment with quantities first. Here’s what you need:

Colored candy coating (available in the cake decorating aisle of most craft stores)
Colored sanding sugar (also in the cake decorating aisle. But you might have to get certain colors online or at a cake decorating supply shop)


Before we get started let me explain something about white chocolate. It’s not actually chocolate. It’s chocolate-esque, which means that it behaves a lot like chocolate. One thing that melted chocolate cannot abide is water. If you get water in melted chocolate it will suddenly sieze, which means it gets very thick and hard and will refuse to cooperate any longer. It cannot be coaxed into melting again. You will have to throw it away.

Food coloring, even the gel and paste kinds, are made of water. Do not think that you will be sensible and buy only white chocolate and just color it different shades. No. This will not be happening. You cannot color it unless you buy special chocolate colorants. Please believe me when I say you need to buy pre-colored candy melts. They’re not very expensive. The idea is to get chocolate that is the same color as your sanding sugar. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, just in the same color family. You could use white chocolate with colored sugar but that doesn’t look nearly as pretty.

You will need some tools to make your cookies:

–Several forks
–Knife for stirring (people always want to stir things with spoons but it’s really hard to get all the chocolate off of a spoon. A knife is much better.)
–Little tray or pan to catch the sanding sugar
–Cooling rack
If you feel like it, place the cooling rack in a jelly roll pan. If not, just put some parchment or plastic wrap underneath to catch the drippy chocolate.


OK, so back to our Oreos. Please open the bag and eat three. Let’s just get that out of the way to begin with. No use trying to resist.


Now let’s melt some chocolate! I prefer to melt about a third of the bag at a time (about 5 oz). Less chocolate is easier to manage. Oreos also tend to be a little crummy and after a while the chocolate gets tainted with tiny bits of cookie.

Put the chocolate in a small/medium sized bowl and stick it in the microwave for one minute at 50% power. Then stir it and repeat until the chocolate is mostly smooth. It will continue to melt a bit as you stir it.


Once your chocolate is smooth and lovely, drop an Oreo right in the bowl. Flip it over with a fork a few times until it’s completely covered with chocolate. Fish it out and tap it firmly on the edge of the bowl to get some of the excess chocolate off.


If it looks ugly, don’t worry. That’s what sparkles are for! What would we do without glitter and sprinkles?

Hold your Oreo on the fork, angled up a little so it doesn’t fall off. Put it over your little tray (not over the bowl of chocolate!) and shake sprinkles all over it. You’ll notice that the area closest to fork is at a weird un-sprinklable angle. So gently transfer the Oreo from one fork to another and continue to sprinkle away on the other side.


Once your cookie is adequately sprinkled, place it gently on the cooling rack. It takes about an hour for them to cool and harden. Put them in the fridge if you’re in a hurry.


Once they’ve hardened up, place the Oreos in a plastic container to keep them safe until party time. (Oh, if you end up with a bunch of melted chocolate left in your bowl, you can pour it out onto a piece of plastic wrap and let it cool. Once it’s hard just peel it off the plastic and toss it back in the bag with the unmelted pieces.) Hope this tutorial will help make your party extra-super!


38 thoughts on “Sparkly Colored Oreos

  1. Very cool idea Jenny! But seriously, you only eat 3? Have you tried the new oreos? The ones with the pink filling? I see a new 5 pounds coming on in my future!

        1. As long as you use colouring that can be used for chocolate you will be fine. Powdered colouring and some of the paste colours can be used but not Wilton or your regular food colouring from the supermarket.

          1. hi there! im actually busy doing this and i used the gel colors from wilton, if your chocolate curdles just add some vegetable oil to achieve the consistency you desire. its not going to affect the taste at all. its actually stated there at the back of the bag of wilton’s candy melts.

            have fun!

  2. Good reminder. Maybe I'll make some for Daphne's bday party. Except she has yet to pick a theme. Makes it kind of hard to plan ahead.

  3. Good reminder. Maybe I'll make some for Daphne's bday party. Except she has yet to pick a theme. Makes it kind of hard to plan ahead.

  4. Hello! And thank you for this tutorial! I am a Stake YW president, and we are going to make these in Value colors for the broadcast on March 24!

    Question – have you or anyone else tried these on a stick? Oreo middles are fairly easy to infiltrate. And it seems like it would make dipping AND sparkly-adding a bit cleaner and easier.

    Thoughts? Comments?

    1. I love the idea of the value colors! I should suggest that to our YW leaders. I’m not sure if it would work on a stick although I think it should. I would make sure the candy coating gets up on the stick in order to provide a little extra security. I would look around the blogosphere to see if anybody else has done something similar and if it seems possible. Or try a few before you commit to the idea. Good luck. Email me a picture when they’re done! I’d love to see them.

      1. Follow-up!

        Trying to put Oreos on sucker sticks was just a big mess! Each Oreo cracked! I guess all the “stuff” in the middle plus the stick was too much pressure for the cookie. My husband suggested using a straw to hollow out a tunnel first, but we didn’t have one with a small enough circumference!

        So…I have made these in two colors so far, using your exact method.

        It has already cut way down on prep time, especially because I was going to tie a little coordinating ribbon around each stick!

        But they are still impressive! Thanks so much for sharing this idea!

  5. Oreo’s on a stick are dead simple…they are also all over the internet….Oreo Pops….and if you are careful you can add food/gel coloring to either candy melt or almond bark….bark which is cheaper and taste pretty darn close to candy melt. If you read the back of the bag it tells you how to do this!

  6. I have a quick question…how far in advance can I make these for a party on Saturday? Can they be made on Thursday?

  7. I had the same problem with cookies breaking when putting in stick. What you need to do is once chocolate has hardened, use a wooden skewer and gently twist skewer as you insert into cookie, once you have a whole remove skewer and insert lollipop stick.

  8. If planning to make these cookies a couple weeks in advance will they need to be in refrigerator? Or simply in an air tight container?

    1. Both Oreos and the candy coating are shelf stable for many, many months so the cookies once they’re coated should be fine for quite some time. Make sure they’re in a tupperware container so they don’t get broken, other than that, make them as early as you like. Good luck!

    1. Sure Natalie. As long as you link back to my site it’s fine. But I have a friend in Australia who wanted to make these and she said they didn’t have candy melts (or colored white chocolate) over there.

  9. Love the oreos! Can you tell me how you made the stripes on the blue cake in the last picture? It’s really cute. Thanks.

    1. I’m glad you like the Oreos and cake. The cake I made by first lightly marking the lines where the icing would go (kind of like slicing a pizza). Once the top was divided, I marked the sides of the cake as well. I made buttercream and divided the batch into several smaller portions which I colored with gel colorants to be the different colors of the rainbow. I made the buttercream too thin accidentally and it started to puddle at the base of the cake. I ended up really liking the way it looked, though. So I started and the base of the cake, made a little blob of icing the travelled up the sides of the cake, over the edge, then stopped in the middle where all the colors met.

      It was super quick and easy. It took much longer icing the cake smooth before I started. People always think that piping decorations is the hardest part of decorating a cake but I struggle way more with getting the cake assembled and iced smooth.

      Hope this helps!

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