Rules of Summer

I’m really racking my brains, people, trying to figure out what to do/not do with my kids this summer. (TV? No TV? When? Schoolwork? Swimming Lessons? Breakfast at a set time? Or is my house going to be a restaurant this summer?)

I really would love to hear if you have any ideas. Please go over to Segullah and chime in!

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One thought on “Rules of Summer

  1. I just wrote out a long comment to your SEgulluh post and then after I tried to publish it, it deleted it because I forgot to put my name and email. ARG. Suffice it to say I have no idea if I'll accomplish the limiting of screen time in favor of educational activities, outdoor play, and playing with actual toys. This baby throws a big wrench in all those plans. I will probably rely on screens a lot more than I want to this summer.

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