Obligatory Halloween Photos

Jasper the Skeleton (hand-me-down costume from Finn)


Ada the Ladybug (I love when they want to wear last year’s costume)


Arabella the witch (a gluegun, buttons and tulle go a long way)


Finn went as . . . not really sure.


He went to the trunk-or-treat on Friday but pooped out last night after trick-or-treating for three minutes. He said he had a stomach ache but I think he was really embarrassed to be wearing a costume when all the other lame-o middle schoolers just put on a wig and called it good. He does have a nicely organized stash from the party on Friday night.


It’s really kind of sad that the two older kids are just too grown up for trick or treating (being taller than their mother makes it so, I’m afraid.) But they manned the treat bucket so they aren’t entirely worthless.

It was a lovely Halloween, especially since it was 77ยบ. Hope yours was wonderful too.

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7 thoughts on “Obligatory Halloween Photos

  1. You should have sent your older two to my house. I would have given them ALL of my candy. We gave out candy on Sunday night and there were like 10 trick or treaters! My kids were so excited to hand it out and they only got to do it like 2 times! Such a bummer.

    Now I have WAY too much candy left. Send them my way!

    PS – one of the witch tutus I have totally would have worked for your daughter!!

  2. LOVE your girls' cute costumes. And the skeleton. And Finn's . . .whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, what love is his candy organization. After my own heart.

  3. Ya, what is it with the middle schoolers?? I couldn't believe how lame some of their "costumes" were. I was like, Look, if you can't bother to get on a real costume, then I can't bother to give you any real candy. I was so tempted to tell them to step it up for next year or I would just shut the door on them.

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