A long history of my procrastination

I may have mentioned one or two hundred times that I am lazy and a procrastinator (granted I have six children and like to make food from scratch, so my amount of laziness is not exactly rock-bottom, but I do have a real fondness for sitting around and wasting time.) I have always been this way.

People tend not to believe me when I say this. Especially when I remark about how I always got bad grades. (Bad grades being the natural byproduct of laziness and procrastination.) I’ve always been kind of nerdy and nerds get good grades, right? (Wrong!) Plus–let’s just admit this up front–I’m pretty smart. Smart kids are supposed to do well in school.

Here I am at age 11 (I’m the brunette. Try not to be jealous of the monogrammed sweatsuit):


I took an IQ test that year and got an outrageously fantastic score. So impressive that I’m afraid to take another IQ test because most likely the first one was wrong. I so love mulling that genius number around in my head.

Which makes the following report card from 5th grade that much more awful:


In case you can’t read my teacher’s flowery handwriting she says, “I’m disappointed that I found no way to motivate Jennie into getting her assignments in on time or at all. When she decides to stop playing games she will do very well. She has fine capabilities.” Sorry for all the passive-agression, Mrs. Alder. You were the unfortunate bystander when it came to a battle of will between me and my mother. That procrastination didn’t come from nowhere!

I also had a fondness for writing letters to myself.


But lest you think that I was a complete flop in school, I do have this to show for myself:


Who cares about getting things done when I’ve got wackiness on my side?

9 thoughts on “A long history of my procrastination

  1. Aaaaahhh, how I remember those horrible years, banging my head on a wall over you. Even now I have no clue how I could have done better, though. Untamable Jennie!

    On the other hand, you turned out splendidly in spite of me. Still genius! Acquainted with several languages, and terrific at geography because you've either BEEN there or read volumes about everywhere. Wonderfully funny writer! And you can now use a hand calculator with the best of the math-anxious girls.

    And can you cook DESSERTS!!

  2. Thank goodness we now know that 'intelligence' has many different faces. Now we can all be geniuses in one way or another. Do you consider yourself a genius in wackiness?

  3. I never had an IQ test when I was young and now I don't want one, as I prefer to think I'm above average without being proven wrong.

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