I Did It! I Kept My Resolution!

I posted this over at Segullah today, but thought it was pertinent to everyone. At least everyone who is celebrating a New Year. If you celebrate Chinese New Year instead then maybe you shoud skip this (and ni hou to you, by the way). As a person who constantly fails… Read More

York’s Merry Christmas

Who’s done with their Christmas shopping? Not me! And it’s less than a week away. But thank goodness for the internet. Not only because I can shop at 6 am before the kids are awake but because I can find pretty much anything out there. I am a bit of… Read More

Independence Day Toenails

To celebrate the festivities I’ve made a Lemon Truffle Pie and painted my toenails. Hope your day is fun, not too hot, full of deliciousness and that nothing around you catches on fire!   By Hildie | Filed under Holidays, Makeup and Hair, Nails 4 Comments Share

Father’s Day for the Fatherless

Ok, I’m not exactly fatherless. I have a father; he’s just been dead for a very long time. And we weren’t exactly close so missing him has really never been an issue. But this is an odd Father’s Day because my husband is also gone (gone as in “not here”.… Read More

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I don’t do April Fool’s Day if it’s on a Sunday; a new rule I decided this very year. Actually, I completely forgot all about it until Mister, who is in Houston with the boys for the weekend for a golf tourney, sent me a text that he broke his… Read More

School Valentines Dos and Don’ts

The first year I had a child in preschool I committed all sorts of faux pas (hey, pick up and drop off can be tricky!)   There are sorts of opportunities to screw things up especially around holidays.  I didn’t even think to ask my friends with older children for advice!… Read More

How To Have A Good Halloween

For How-To Tuesday I’m going to tell you how to have a good Halloween. So what if this is entirely non-applicable for another 364 days! You can memorize this list for next year. 1. Carve Jack-o-Lanterns. Roll your eyes when your 10-year-old daughter says that pumpkin guts make her sick.… Read More