The Village Halloween

I have a big Halloween Village.  I know, CHEESY!  But I looooove Halloween.  And I just couldn’t resist the siren call of cute, overpriced, plastic skeletons that move.  (Here is the entire product display at a store in Chicago. Mine is not nearly this over the top, but you get… Read More

It’s not too late

I know I should have given you fair warning, but I’m just now getting around to reminding you that today is National Ice Cream Day. I, of course, planned ahead and bought a pint of Haagen Dasz Reserve (I take my National Days of Observation very seriously, folks.) Instead of… Read More

Today is a holiday

Happy Get it? GET IT? Sink-o de Mayo   (I know, the hilarity is killing you.) In honor of this lovely Cinco de Mayo, I plan on eating Mexican food at one of the 10,000 Mexican restaurants in Austin. As much as I love the pico de gallo at Chuy’s (I’m… Read More

The W. Bunch

Six kids. 15 minutes before church. Frazzled mother. Boy who is incapable of smiling. It’s the best I could do! By Hildie | Filed under Holidays 12 Comments Share

Oh yeah, Halloween

Since I have a few readers who are related to me and actually want to see pictures of my kids, here they are.  Sorry everybody else.  I know that Halloween pics are a big snooze-fest.   (Many apologies to York.  He went trick-or-treating with a friend and I forgot to… Read More