Today is a holiday


Get it? GET IT?

Sink-o de Mayo   (I know, the hilarity is killing you.)

In honor of this lovely Cinco de Mayo, I plan on eating Mexican food at one of the 10,000 Mexican restaurants in Austin. As much as I love the pico de gallo at Chuy’s (I’m salivating just thinking about it), I fear it will be a madhouse with people overdoing the cerveza and margaritas. So we’ll stick to someplace a little less renowned. And go early.

1:30 pm UPDATE: I went to Chuy’s Tex-Mex for lunch right when it opened today.  No crowd!  Yesss!

P.S. I’m into all things tomatillo these days. What a weird thing to crave.

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9 thoughts on “Today is a holiday

  1. Ha ha ha. That is funny. You would come up with something clever to introduce the holiday. It must always be a party at your house.

    I hope that you do get to go out for a little fiesta today, and that you don’t have to wait long to eat.

  2. Okay I’m wishing I could have had a shot at guessing before I saw the explanation. 🙂 Anyway, I love the joke.

    We’re having chips and salsa and a pinata at our Enrichment Meeting tonight . . . our lame little way of paying homage.

  3. I got the mayo part, but the sink-o part escaped me.

    didn’t even realize it was cinco de mayo. Guess I should make mexican for dinner.

  4. Good one, now I’ll think of you every time I see a mayo bottle like that.

    I made burrito casserole for Cinco de Mayo. It wasn’t that special, next year I think well follow your lead and do Cafe Rio or something. Any thing would be better than that casserole.

  5. You are too funny for your own good. I wish I had tried to guess before I read the caption. I’m a lot dense.

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