Font party

Man, oh, man do I love fonts.  I spent several hours today downloading new ones.  I don’t know if that’s a Sabbath-y type activity, but it was restful.  And it is a day of rest. 

Some of my new fonts I had to pay for (2 Peas has masses of cute, girly fonts that are $1-$2 each.  Most are so sweet they’ll make your teeth hurt), but some were free ( has tons of easily downloadable free Mac fonts. And PC fonts but who cares about those.)

Here are a few of my new favorites:

As you can tell, I love serifs. And script fonts. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s the great thing about fonts; there is something for everyone.  

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12 thoughts on “Font party

  1. Okay, be sure you are sitting because I’m about to rock your whole world.

    Go to You can put your own handwriting as a font. You print out their little form, fill it out, scan it in and then they generate your handwriting as a font. It is the most fun ever.

  2. I love beautiful fonts too 🙂 These are so gorgeous. Thanks for the link I was desperately searching something like this. Have a great week, love: Evi

  3. love those! I’m off to buy. Thanks J. Go download Afternoon Delight and Freebooter Script. They’re free and you’ll love them!

  4. I am so computer lame. I love the fonts, but have never sat down to figure all that out. I’ll definately have to hop on it. Thanks for the tips!

  5. My husband and I met because of a font sampler I was making for my document design class (another one of those BYU Honor’s classes which had nothing to do with my major–some of the best kind!) I think appreciation for fonts is genetic since I find my daughter downloading fonts regularly. I love some of the 2 Peas fonts. Have to go there. THanks.

  6. I still have a “Jennie’s favorites” folder in my font book from Ben. You have the best taste in them 🙂

  7. I like a lot of those fonts! but “Little Days” made my stomach heave just a little bit. Do they have those for PC? I’ve never paid for a font before, but some of those just might be worth it.

  8. love love love fonts! i have used several of the 2peas fonts for work and people absolutely love them. everywhere i go i look at signs and i can usually name that font (must be the line of work i am in!!) you have found some great ones. i might need to get a few more and cut them in vinyl. i would love to write my own font too. how cool is that??

  9. I had a ton on my old computer…but then it died. When I get a new one (hopefully over Memorial Day) I will have to go font hunting again.

    I think I have them backed up somewhere…

  10. I love it! Gary laughs at me every time I do any type of page for my calling, Christmas letter, etc.,because it takes me longer to pick out the font than it does to write whatever I am writing.

    These fonts are really fabulous! Thanks for sharing them.

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