Products I hate

These products have all found their way into my garbage can this week.

My vote for the most horrid mascara of all time (in case you can’t tell, it’s by Revlon). Not only is is clumpy and globby, but imagine applying your mascara with a twig. Or with a mascara brush that your dog has chewed on for a while.  (It looks nothing like the picture above.) That’s the “revolutionary” technology of this mascara brush. (Let’s pause here to consider the overuse of the word “revolutionary” in regard to cosmetics. Is the new 12-hour lipstick actually going to cause a bloody uprising? Let’s hope not.) This mascara sounds so promising. But don’t let it fool you.

Who doesn’t want gooey armpits that have to be blowdried before you can get dressed? You might as well slather your underarms with K-Y jelly. Unfortunately for me I accidently bought a whole year’s worth of this stuff. (I was confused! I was at Wal Mart and you know how upsetting I find that place. I couldn’t think straight and loaded my cart with the wrong deodorant.)

I so wanted to love this hairspray. Despite its ultra-cheesy bottle, it’s supposed to be the greatest ever and you could only buy it in Europe for the longest time. But leave it to the fabulous people at Target to start carrying it in their stores.

Does it work well? I couldn’t care less. The stench of this was overpowering. Imagine the strongest most old-lady-hairspray smell you can, and you are starting to get the picture. The stink doesn’t go away, either. All day long I kept getting whiffs and I’d freeze and think, “what is that horrible smell?” Then I’d realize it was my hair. Thank goodness I only bought a travel-size bottle. Maybe I’ll try this again if an unscented version comes out.

I’m not a total pessimist.  Next week I’l show you some products that I love.

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9 thoughts on “Products I hate

  1. I think you should send your comments to the manufacturers of these products. At best they will think about it (and maybe send you a coupon for free products from their line). At worst, they will trash it. But at least they will have been told.

    I have read that every customer comment that gets back to the manufacturer counts to them as 20 people who feel the same way, because only one in 20 people will make their feelings known. This is very important to their research, and makes a big difference in what products survive, which get trashed, and what new products are developed because of customer comments.

    And the free coupons are always nice.

  2. ooh, I hate that gel antiperspirant too. And I unwittingly stocked up at Costco when they had it on coupon last year…

  3. funny! i have a couple of those deoderants in my cupboard because i too bought the wrong stuff. i do not like it at all! thanks for the tip on the mascara. i have yet to find a good one that i like. any tips would be nice!!

  4. Ooohhhh, thanks for letting us know!

    I have already shown the best mascara, so go get some!! Pronto!

    As for hairspray, I loved some certain hair products and loved that their hairspray had a shiny sheen to it—but it seriously smelled like bad mens aftershave!! I couldn’t get over it!! I wanted the shine soooo badly—-but I had to chuck it.

  5. Gel antipersperants are a total oxymoron. They are wet and gooey, the opposite of dry and comfortable. WHY oh WHY are they on the market?

    Also, I am a total SUCKER for new mascaras. Each time one comes out, I see the commercials and think, “My lashes could look like THAT? Sold!” and then the mascaras are either the same as what I have or worse. Sigh…but I always try them, just in case they make my lashes multiply and divide so that they look like giant catterpillars stuck to my eyelids.

  6. I too always fall for the glamorized mascara commercials. I think that I have thrown away my fair share of beauty products.

    As for the hairspray, I feel for you, its one thing to have a semi good product, but to screw it up with a icky smell, that is just a waste.

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