Oh yeah, Halloween

Since I have a few readers who are related to me and actually want to see pictures of my kids, here they are.  Sorry everybody else.  I know that Halloween pics are a big snooze-fest.  

(Many apologies to York.  He went trick-or-treating with a friend and I forgot to take pictures before he left.)
Jasper hated wearing his turtle costume.  Most of the time he was crying and trying to take it off.

Eventually he figured out that candy and costumes were tied together and he cheered right up.

Arabella was a vampire.  She has no idea what they are.  Only that they’re somehow spooky and cool.

Finn was some sort of demon/spectre/bringer of death (and a cheerful one a that!)

Adelaide is madly in love with Madeline these days (she adores the live action movie, not so much the cartoon.) The costume was perfect for her.

India, being 13, didn’t want to have a bunch of babies slowing her down, so she went trick-or-treating with friends.  I told her this would be her last year, so she had to make the most of it. She went as a gypsy, although most people just figured she was a hippie.  

Mister’s office has a big Halloween costume contest every year, but he doesn’t like to call attention to himself.  He prefers a modest flesh wound.

I was a fetching Mother Nature, if I do say so myself. I didn’t get a picture of the whole costume, but my crown was the best part anyway.

Happy super belated Halloween!

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5 thoughts on “Oh yeah, Halloween

  1. Is it just me, or does Arabella look more like me all the time? Anyway, all the costumes are super cute. did you make them? Well, not Jaspers, but what about the others? And why are you making India stop trick or treating??? You are mean! I say let them go until they are too embarrassed to do it.

  2. I don’t think Halloween costumes are a snoozefest! I’m glad you posted them. Your Mother Nature costume was awesome and you didn’t even have to tell me who you were when I saw you at the trunk-or-treat. My favorite was Adelaide’s. So precious. Mister’s face…very professional. lol. I like his ability to adapt to flesh wounds and still work.

  3. I love the cosutmes!! Jasper is just so cute! My 12 year old is winding down with the whole trick or treat thing *sniff* Everyone looked fabu and I love, love! your crown. You people are so crafty!

  4. the kids look adorable, naturally, but i must say: you and mister took it to the next level.

    i also want it stated for the record that you look like a model for a costume catalogue. not fair.

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