Earth Day [groan]

Today is Earth Day. I happen to think Earth Day is pretty ridiculous. I think there is too much pollution and too much waste, but having a DAY where those ideas are forced down our throats?  To me it’s like Wal-Mart carrying organic food. All I can say is, “give me a break!”  Mostly just because people seem so misguided about saving the Earth. Don’t get me wrong, I actually bring reusable shopping bags to the store, recycle and turn off the faucet while I’m brushing my teeth. But I think a lot of people are just missing the boat when it comes to Saving the Earth.

Here is a really cool example of thinking outside the box to make this world a better place. It’s four minutes long but when you finish watching it I promise you will say, “wow!”.  Plus it’s Earth Day, duh. So consider this a big green hug for your planet.

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10 thoughts on “Earth Day [groan]

  1. I am a big fan of the round-about. Despite the fact that some idiots STILL can't figure out what to do at them, overall they are way faster and more efficient than stop signs. I wish they'd put them in at every intersection around town where there is a long queue of cars at a 4 way or 2 way stop.

    (p.s. I wish that guy in that video clip could have talked slower, with more details and statistics, and really explained it all. it sounded really good, but I could barely take in all that math going that fast!)

  2. Wow, I think I stopped remembering what I was reading after the first sentence. There were two politically incorrect things there that got to me a little.

    I think people need a reminder to be better to the environment. And I think that people's sexual preferences shouldn't be a way to rip on others. (Just like I don't think it's good to rip on others by calling them "Jewish.") But anyway, happy Earth Day!

  3. I'm all for taking care of the planet and reducing pollution, but also not a big fan of Earth Day. Some people take a good idea to ridiculous extremes and this day seems like a way of celebrating the ridiculous parts.

    My husband loved roundabouts in Europe, but can't stand the way the inability of drivers to use them right in the USA. One place we lived had stop lights and stop signs at their roundabouts. ?!? If used well, they'd be great!

  4. Great video! At first I was confused by roundabouts, but now I like them much better than stop signs mainly because I rarely have to stop!

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