I swear it’s not hormones

I needed to pick up some little bowls with lids so I stopped by the baby department at Target yesterday thinking I might find some.  I haven’t been through there in a while.  The baby bowls are right next to the sippy cups so I thought I might pick up a few, seeing as how all of our lids have vanished over the past few months.  But then it occurred to me: we haven’t been using lids, but nobody has been spilling their drinks.  Which means that we don’t need lids anymore.  Which means I have no reason to visit the baby department ever again.

I started to cry right in the middle of Target.

I really am glad to be done with all that baby stuff.  But it was a big part of my life for the last 15 years.


Change is good.  But still it makes me sad.

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11 thoughts on “I swear it’s not hormones

  1. i can completely relate to this blog! i have been thinking about this very thing lately, in fact i just transformed my kitchen from toddler to big kid! no more kiddie cupboard! (frown, sad) bitter sweet for sure!

  2. one of my friends (who has eight kids and 7 grandchildren) confessed to me that her baby-lust has never completely diminished. It made me feel better. Some people are magically DONE and some of us will always want more.

    Your birthday present is in the mail! Hope you love it!

  3. My baby hunger went away completely. I went past the baby aisle Monday and practically ran through it to not get pregnancy cooties.

  4. I saw an ad for that new "Babies" movie, and even though I have an 8 week old, I was thinking how I'll probably cry when I see it.

    On the other hand, if there was a movie called "Pregnancy" …

  5. That is sad and tender at the same time, how about this, I will let you pick up sippy cup lids and random things from the baby section for me if you like. Then you can randomly enter that area, but not feel overwhelmed and stuck.

    I wish I could have been there to see you tear up, for some reason I can't quite imagine you breaking down.

  6. It is a big life change, isn't it? It's been a hard couple of years for me, too. But recently I was listening to something on the radio talking about what a big adjustment it is for people who suddenly get laid off from their jobs – how their identity changes, etc. And I realized that that was what I was going through, also! When you spend the better part of 16 years with a baby/toddler sitting on your hip, it is shocking to no longer have one.

    Oh, I love babies so much!

  7. 🙁 That is sad. I'm not ready to face it yet. So, I think I might have another. I'm terrified about that though.

  8. I had a moment like that a few weeks ago when I took down the last of the diaper changing stations. It made me super excited to have all those surfaces back, but at the same time kind of sad.

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