Yep, Halloween photos

Halloween: when I’m even more of a witch than normal.

My mother is going to bug me until I post some pictures, so I’m just getting it over with.   All costumes were homemade this year (except York’s; all I had to get for him was a $4 ski mask. Yesss.) My mom made Arabella and India’s capes. I had to do the rest (yay for McCalls pattern #2853!  We got our money’s worth with that one.) I can now add “no-sew tutus” and “gigantic mushroom” to my resumé. When I decide to go back to work those things will definitely help me get a high-paying job. Not.

Don’t feel inferior if you don’t have a houseful of handcrafted costumes.  We did all last-minute, store-bought/hand-me-down costumes last year.  Some Halloweens I’m on my A game.  Some just make me want to hide under a rock. Plus you should see what a disaster my house has been all week while I’ve sewn my little heart out.

Sorceress? Enchantress?  I’m not really up on my fantasy character vocab
A robber (- the face mask + Kung Fu moves)
Finn: Magic Man or Human Disco Ball?
Straight from die Schwarzwald it’s Little Red Riding Hood
A slighly crazed Ladybug (I also realized seeing this picture that red is not Ada’s color.)
Just a gnome on a toadstool (do you like the fake legs?)
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20 thoughts on “Yep, Halloween photos

  1. I adore the fake legs. Brilliant.

    And your witch shoes are most excellent. Like straight out of a movie.

  2. Wow, you're way talented if you made all those costumes!! Gnomes usually creep me out but that one is kinda adorable! 🙂 (okay, way adorable).

  3. Those little fake legs are strangely realistic…how do you do it?
    Ok don't tell me it may ruin it for me.

    I love that you made all of those costumes, I only wish that I could do magical things like that. I also really want to know where you found your witch shoes, they are brilliant!!

    A no-sew tutu now that sounds like something that I may be able to handle. Great job! Did you make your skirt as well?

  4. Excellent costumes, Jennie. I do want to see a full body shot of you in your witchy costume. I like the below the knee shot, but I'm left wanting to see your full ensemble. Was that the point? Your kids are so photogenic. I am glad you are back to blogging. Those four days of you sorting through things seemed like forever. (ha ha) When I have blogging lulls, it's more like a month or two. Nice work, super mama!

  5. I DIED LAUGHING at the gnome on the toadstool when I realized those weren't his real legs! And Ada looks so tall!

  6. Wow! Those are all great, but love the gnome and ladybug….
    Yes, would love to see the full witch ensemble…

  7. I'm so glad everyone was blown away by your sewing talents, Jennie, as they are by all your other talents. Of course I kept expecting you to butt in and say, "Actually, my mother made my witch costume, as well as India's wizardess cloak, and Little Red's Riding Hood."

    But indeed, your job on the ladybug, and especially on Jasper's gnome get-up qualify you as Super-Duper talented, anyway! That gnome is the cutest costume I ever saw! YOU ROCK! (You also sew pretty darn well! Er… ah… glue-gun well.)

  8. Mom, I made my witch costume, thank you very much. (Including the black crinoline and actually sewing the vest fabric because I wanted orange and black stripes and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for anywhere.) You helped me fit the corset, that's all. And I did give you sewing credit for India and Bella's costumse.

  9. Are those your legs at the top? And the shoes—-splendiforous!!

    Am loving the toadstool and the gnome—my favorite!

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