5 thoughts on “What exactly does “best” mean anyway?

  1. You really started people thinking with your article, Jennie. It's a concept which has plagued every woman on earth who strives to be better (and maybe eve a couple of men :-). What excellent replies you got. That's a great online magazine!

    And incidentally, in the past week I've had TWO MEN spontaneously tell me how much they enjoy your blogs! (I didn't even know they read you. They don't reply, of course. They might, however, if you talked about German poetry or race-car engines.)

  2. Great post, but I feel like slapping Angie around a little bit! No one has the right to tell anyone else what their personal best should be. In my opinion, she just came off as thinking "I'm better than you", which even though I don't know you ~ clearly isn't true 🙂 Obviously struck a nerve with me. Hmmmm.

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