Are you sick of dangerous drivers?

I was amused to read this article about Ford’s development of an ultra-safe inflatable seat belt. When are car companies going to realize that providing more safety is only backfiring?  Drivers feel too safe; too cocooned in their cars.  People are feeling invincible.  Ford has gotten it all wrong.  If you want drivers to be safer, try mounting a giant dagger in the middle of the steering wheel.  I imagine that people would suddenly be a lot more cautious if they knew the slightest jolt would result in pain and possibly death.  They might think twice about cutting someone off or following too closely.

Or how about a rule requiring all teenage drivers to be handcuffed to the steering wheel? (They would automatically release upon turning off the car, of course.)  No texting while driving, or messing with ipods.  I might be able to drive by the High School without worrying that some ditzy, distracted girl will come barreling out of the parking lot and smash into me.

And what about installing one of those limousine windows that goes up and down in my minivan? I’d be able to concentrate on driving a lot better without having to listen to quarreling children, that’s for sure.

Let me tell you, I’m just a fountain of ideas when it comes to designing cars.  My dad was an engineer in Detroit, after all.  I simply can’t help it!

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9 thoughts on “Are you sick of dangerous drivers?

  1. Love it, Love it! I think you should write a column or do a news cast and say the very same thing. Just brilliant, I say!

  2. I especially love the handcuff idea! I despise driving texters. I think you should e-mail the car companies! (Get a patent first, of course!)

  3. Hahaha! Great ideas Jennie. I did a for real LOL (well, it was more of a big puff of air out loud, BPOAOL) when I read the part about the dagger.

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