The best $10 you’ll spend in a long time

If you have a daughter over the age of seven (especially if you have a teen), you must–and I mean must–get this book:

Brilliant, scary, hopeful, eye-opening, must-read.  

Really, if I could recommend you get only one book this year, it would be this one (and get this year’s edition.  Not the one from 2003.)

You need this book (unless you only have sons. Or your daughters are really little. Or you keep your teenage daughter locked away in a castle tower. With no cell phone. Or Facebook access.)
Amazon has it for $10.20.
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5 thoughts on “The best $10 you’ll spend in a long time

  1. I have been looking at this book on Amazon since last spring. It's been in my "saved for later" portion. Glad to hear your recommendation. I move it up to the checkout!
    You should check out books like What a difference a Daddy Makes by Kevin Leman and Strong Fathers/Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker. Fathers are so important to daughters!

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