Happy Pilgrim Day

Here is a picture of me dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, gathering greens for the table decorations. (hey, I am decended from five Mayflower passengers!)

Actually, I’m still in pajamas, taking a break after making Pecas Honeypots (like the best parts of a Pecan Pie, but a million times better), Texas Sheet Cake (not very Thanksgivingish, but it came to my attention that this holiday was about to be chocolate-free, and that is just wrong.) Up next on my to do list: Sweet Potato SoufflĂ© (yum!) and Cranberry Sauce (not so yum, but everybody freaks if we don’t have it).

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!
May your pie crust be perfect
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4 thoughts on “Happy Pilgrim Day

  1. It is 10 pm, Thanksgiving Evening. If I were not stuffed to painfulness by overeating delicious food, I would envy your pecan honeypots.

    Since everyone knows I use turkey carcasses (and nobody else does), people now routinely give me theirs. Tomorrow I will be making rich, delicious turkey soup.

    I am thankful today for you and yours, Jennie, as well as Ben and Ari and theirs. I sure love your funny blogs!

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