Toddler Passion

I got together yesterday with my old high school friend Kim.  Jasper and her daughter got along very well.  As in “madly in love”.  It’s so cool when your kids get to meet your friends’ kids–and they get along!

 Sorry the pictures are blurry.  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera steady.
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7 thoughts on “Toddler Passion

  1. Oh that Jasper is going to be a heart breaker for sure. What a cute little thing to witness. So this is what to expect from him if he likes you?

  2. I'd like to know where little "Cutie-Pie's" hand is wandering in Pix 2. (I know, I know! The innocence of youth.)

    Adorable shot! Wouldn't it be fun if it worked out in 20 years? You and Kim could be co-mothers-in-law!

  3. By the way, pretty sneaky way to not write so may blogs while you're on vacation: end every entry with links to three previous entries! You kept me going for WAY too long on this busy day! Phooie (but cute!)

  4. How awesome that they got along so well. Maybe you and Kim will end up being mothers-in-law to each other's kids! One can dream.

  5. It was SO cute to see them cuddling and kissing, although at one point I said to Jennie, "They're gonna start making out if we don't stop them." 🙂 It was the sweetest thing.

    I loved your blog entry, Jennie, so I just linked to it from my blog. Way to be lazy, right? It was so great to chat the other night. It was like old times except we're so much wiser now…ok, maybe not that much wiser, just older.

    Love you!

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