Christ the Lord is ris’n today! (Well, not today but around this time a couple thousand years ago.)

Happy Easter!

I ate candy all through church.

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15 thoughts on “Aaaa-lee-luu-ia

  1. As an aside, my confirmation word was just shedcarbs. No joke. Thus, tomorrow begins the purge-myself-of-Easter-weight low carb diet.

  2. Wow! The ties came out awesome. The whole gang looks great. I'm giving props to India for indulging you with matchy-matchy outfits. My girls revolted years ago!

  3. Wow – how you can get all those kids all matchy like that (without complaining???) is amazing! They look great!
    My son dressed up today. A polo shirt, nice sweater and . . . basketball short that he thought were fancy and they totally did not match.
    Oh well.
    He is still risen!

  4. Amazingly gorgeous family! I'm astonished at how MUCH the boys liked their ties. And India's outfit is way cute.

  5. I love seeing this picture of your darling kids! And seriously? You made the skirts and ties!!?? Wow. Happy Easter Jennie!

  6. Nice job on the ties! I can't believe the boys picked that fabric. Do you think they'll ever wear them again?

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