Weather report for idiots


Thanks for clarifying, news channel. I thought it might be one of those 98ยบ days that are cold.

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7 thoughts on “Weather report for idiots

  1. You are very insensitive. That "hot" is written for people with CRND. A chronic condition that affects 1 in 500 Americans. Can't Read Numbers Disorder. They can only read letters and I am sure they are offended by this post. You probably know someone who has CRND. They are your neighbor. They are your friends. They are you grocery store clerks.
    And I don't have it. In fact, just made that all up.

  2. You could have my problems. High of 43, rainy and windy. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

    The guy whose supposed to get our yard in shape to sell can't come for at least another WEEK (into MAY) because the ground is too wet.

    Did I mention how excited I am to move to the south?

  3. I guess this is for the 5-year olds who are watching? Or maybe the general population is just getting stupider and we need this sort of detail?

  4. They could have put "hot" in front of every one of those days. Man, I can't beleive you guys are already in the steady 80's and 90's!

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