The only funny French guy

Have you heard of Remi Gaillard? He’s a hilarious Frenchman who dresses up and does practical jokes. Gather your kids around to watch this clip because you are all going to laugh yourselves silly when you watch him dressed up as a kangaroo. Yes, it sounds stupid. But I had tears pouring down my face by the end of this. (If you liked this try “The Snail”, “Mario Kart” or “The Gymnast”)

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4 thoughts on “The only funny French guy

  1. What an utter WILD MAN!! I cant' believe he did those things! What does it say at the end? He's an important deviant? No Duh!

  2. Um… I just thought that was rude, to be honest. :/ I liked the part where the policemen tackled him because I thought he deserved it! Just not my humor, I guess.

    Though I smiled at the elevator scene.

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