Item of the week–Canned Meat

Canned meat! Whether your family likes tuna fish, Spam or canned chicken, you need some of this! Think how you’ll plan on making a meal if refrigeration isn’t possible due to power outages. In a scarcity situation, meat will be a hot commodity. Although it’s more expensive than most of… Read More

Item of the week–Toothpaste

This is kind of a no-brainer. Last week we did toothbrushes so let’s make our oral health complete. Get at least one tube of toothpaste per person. By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized 1 Comment Share

Item of the week–Toothbrushes

Well now, this week’s item is nice and straightforward; no worries about picky eaters or gluten intolerance. If you have teeth, you need toothbrushes. I would recommend at least two per person. Get the cheapos or splurge–it’s up to you. Just keep in mind how much you won’t want to… Read More

Item of the week–Drink Mix

Remember how we bought water a couple of weeks ago? Well, this is the perfect thing to go with it. Whether it’s Lemonade mix, Kool-aid or Crystal Light, this is great to have on hand in case you are left drinking water that maybe doesn’t taste so great (our tap… Read More

Item of the week–Band-aids

Have you ever run out of band-aids? It’s such a pain (Haha, pain! Get it?). We’re right in the middle of skinned-knee season so your supplies might be running low. I know mine are. If you have small children then you probably go through these things like water. When I… Read More

This Week’s Item–Water

I know, I know, we already did water. Twice. But you guys need to understand how important this is! Especially in this hot weather. You simply cannot have too much water. Don’t put this off. Get at least one flat (a flat is one of those big old packs with… Read More

Item of the Week–Tampons and pads

I hate when people are so coy and call these items “feminine hygiene products”. Americans can be so Victorian about the weirdest things. Nevermind that there are tons of high school girls out there wearing short shorts that show their butt cheeks and skimpy little tank tops. But let’s not… Read More

Item of the Week–Vitamins

Hopefully this item is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you need vitamins? Especially if you haven’t stocked up on fruits and veg and we were in a long-term situation without fresh produce. Ever heard of scurvy or beri-beri? They involve all sorts of lovely things like teeth falling out and bleeding… Read More