Let the Laziness Commence

We finally made it to Arizona. I love this place. Even though the weather is similar to Texas (they are the same temperature at this exact moment), Arizona–especially where my in-laws are–looks so different. People here take great pains to make it look all lush and gorgeous: palm trees and… Read More

Spring Break!

Our Spring Break is officially underway! York is at track practice and India’s taking the SAT but soon all the kids will be FREE! For the first time ever we will actually be going somewhere over Spring Break. Just to Grandma and Grandpa’s vacation house in Arizona, so it’s not… Read More

Makeup Monday–Must-Have Item

I know you’re expecting me to tell you about that mascara or lipstick that you simply must have. Here’s the absolute most important thing you need: Sunscreen Yep. Every single day. Winter, summer, even if you live in Oregon and the sun hasn’t come out in days. If you can… Read More

My Magic Time Machine

I’m over at Segullah today talking about trials and experiences we’ve had. Would you go back and have a do-over if you could? Would you change what’s happened to you? Come on over and chime in! By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized Add a Comment Share

It’s National Peanut Butter Day!

What an amazing week! First Pie Day, now Peanut Butter Day! Guess what I’ll be making tomorrow? Peanut Butter Pie. Perhaps I shall do a tutorial. In the meantime let’s take a peanut butter-flavored stroll down memory lane. By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized 1 Comment Share

It’s National Pie Day!

I can’t believe National Pie Day only happens once a year. But this is the day, January 23rd. I’m working on a pie crust tutorial for you but just in case it isn’t done in time, here are some recommendations for a few pie-influenced things: Waitress is hands-down the best… Read More

I Need Help Finding An App

When I had an old-fashioned Franklin Planner I made a section for my recipes. I listed all the ingredients to the dishes I made regularly so that if I were at the store I’d be able to pick up the supplies for anything. For example, if I ┬áremembered that I’d… Read More

Book Review: The Willpower Instinct

When BlogHer proposed the book The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal (who is, by the way, a Professor. How Harry Potterish!) for their book club, I had to snort. I have no instinct for willpower. None. I did achieve two of my little resolutions for last year, but they were… Read More

My Favorite Snack Foods

I was pulling into the convenience store this morning to get myself a Coke Zero (it has just been one of those mornings. The kind where I feel like a giant exhausted slug) when I noticed a big Doritos truck. I remember as a kid passing trucks full of potato… Read More

Me Being Lonesome

There is a certain bliss when your children are all in school: the peace, the quiet, the cleanliness of the house that lasts for hours, not seconds. I would never for one second use the word “lonely” to describe myself while my kids are gone. But this week I have… Read More