God: Cosmic Meanie? Fairy Godmother?

I’m over at Segullah today talking about God. Cosmic Meanie? Fairy Godmother? Just what is He? You can comment over there (or here if Segullah scares you.)

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2 thoughts on “God: Cosmic Meanie? Fairy Godmother?

  1. Hildie, lately I’ve been leaning towards cosmic meanie. But I hope that’s the PPD talking. It’s very difficult to navigate faith for me right now, and petitionary prayer seems more like a lottery that you might win than a meaningful communication between us. So I keep asking for things, knowing that it won’t make a difference unless HF already has that in the cards for me. That’s pretty depressing after growing up thinking my prayers had more power than that.

  2. Great post! You described your evolving thoughts on God so well. I loved what you had to say.
    Sorry about the thread jack on the Segullah comments. Sheesh!

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