It’s National Pie Day!

I can’t believe National Pie Day only happens once a year. But this is the day, January 23rd. I’m working on a pie crust tutorial for you but just in case it isn’t done in time, here are some recommendations for a few pie-influenced things:

Waitress is hands-down the best pie-related movie out there. It’s also on my top ten movies of all time.¬†You can rent it on Amazon Instant for $2.99. It’s quirky and funny and features lots of gratuitous baking. And the ever-so-dishy Nathan Fillion is in it (and it’s PG-13 although there are some muffled sexy things. And there are affairs going on. No swears. No nudity. No violence.)

If you’re going to make pie, you need to listen to the right kind of music. I’m not saying you pie won’t taste right if you listen to any old song, but some music is a better backdrop for making pies than others. My favorite pie-making music is by Georgia Gibbs. She sang mostly in the 1950s and it’s the most gloriously corny music. You know I love that old-fashioned stuff. Because making a pie is definitely in the old-fashioned category as well, it’s a perfect match. Here’s Georgia singing a medley of a few of her songs (one day I’m going to make a pie wearing a skirt like hers. Baking in jeans just isn’t the same):

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6 thoughts on “It’s National Pie Day!

  1. Oh MAN! Does that bring back memories. I sang right along with Georgia, seeing as how I was a teenager in those good old 50’s. And did you notice her TINY waistline!? Everyone cinched their waists in the 50’s, rather like in the 1890s. Nowadays, women are shaped pretty much like men, but with bustlines.

    PIE DAY! Wow, would I ever love some PIE today or any day! But, Blast It! I’m back on weight watchers, and this morning I weighed in at one pound less! Can’t afford to blow it now. But I remember those same old 50’s when I baked 6 pies a week for my family of 12, and ate half a pie myself just for the yum of it! Yes, back at 116 lbs., which I will never see again!

    1. It’s PG-13. It deals with people having affairs and shows a muffled sex scene beneath the covers. So maybe towards the older end of the age spectrum. I’ve thought about showing it to my 17 year old and while I don’t think it’s too grown up for her, I don’t think she would get it. My husband enjoyed it but I think I would categorize it more as a chick flick.

      And March 14 is actually Pi Day. It really is!

  2. MMmmm, pie. That Georgia clip reminds me of my good ol’ Young Ambassadoring days. (But the bra she was wearing…does not)

  3. Awesome.

    You. This post. Your pie. The music. The clip. Your sense of self and humor.

    Thanks for the huge smile.

  4. Hi there. Have you heard of “Pushing Daisies?” This show is about Ned the Pie Maker. It ran for only two seasons which is sad because it was out-of-control terrific.

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