How to Roast a Chile Pepper

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Southwest then you know that Hatch chile season is going strong. Hatch chiles are grown in Hatch, New Mexico from Mid-August through the end of September. They are a delicious green chile that is quite a bit spicier than an Anaheim (which… Read More

Learning to be Discreet

I’ve been the Relief Society President for over four months now. Which has been about when my blogging began to fall off. You might think it’s because I don’t have enough time; that’s only partly the case. My responsibilities come and go. Sometimes I’m incredibly busy and sometimes I’m not.… Read More

Mormons Wear Skirts to Church ALWAYS

Whether you are Mormon or not, it’s a pretty interesting phenomenon that we are pretty much the only church that wears skirts/dresses to church exclusively, but wears pants the rest of the time (Orthodox Jews, Fundamentalist Christians, Amish: the women wear dresses all the time. If you aren’t one of… Read More

I Need Some Music Suggestions

I am completely and thoroughly sick of my workout music. So I am imploring you for some new tune ideas. I pretty much like every genre of music (some more than others, of course. I have everything from rap to bellydance music). My only real issue is that I don’t… Read More

Fasting. And I Don’t Mean Juicing.

Today I’m talking about fasting over at Segullah. Fasting? Oh goody! Mormons, in case you aren’t one, fast from food and drink for two meals (up to 24 hours) every single month. We donate the money from those meals to the poor. The best thing about fasting, though, is that… Read More

Hypocrisy and You

I’m over at Segullah today writing about the person everyone loves to hate: a hypocrite. Come on over and join in! By Hildie | Filed under Uncategorized Add a Comment Share

The Most Idiotic Things Said to Parents

One of the most irritating things about having lots of children is that I start to hear the same comments over and over. Many of them are incredibly stupid and inane. Mostly they’re just things that people say because they don’t want you to know what they’re really thinking.  Here… Read More

Some Odds and Ends

This is what I’ve been thinking about lately: People never use the word “marvelous” anymore. I think it’s a shame. What a great word! As a matter of fact it’s marvelous. So expect to hear it a lot more on this blog. __________________________ My New Year’s resolutions have gone outstandingly… Read More