Learning to be Discreet

I’ve been the Relief Society President for over four months now. Which has been about when my blogging began to fall off. You might think it’s because I don’t have enough time; that’s only partly the case. My responsibilities come and go. Sometimes I’m incredibly busy and sometimes I’m not. Here’s the real cause for the blogging slow-down: I now have to be discreet. I can’t just blab about all the things I’ve been doing because a lot of times they require helping other people who are in rather delicate situations. You thought I would continue to be a big fat blabber-mouth, didn’t you? Sorry to disappoint.

For example, over the last weekend I spent probably 20 hours doing service for other people. Some of which included painting someone’s entire house (interior). A non-air conditioned house that hovered around 100┬░. I have never sweat so much in my life; crazy sweat that was dripping off every surface of my body. The good news is that I probably just painted my way into heaven AND I lost four pounds. ┬áBut that’s all I can really tell you. I certainly don’t want to get in trouble for announcing someone else’s problems to the world. That would be very uncool.

I also gave some rides to some people who can’t afford gas for their car. And then I went over and made some people breakfast on Sunday morning because they’re having a really hard time emotionally and physically. But that’s all I can really say about those situations. Because I know for sure all these people don’t want their issues blabbed on a blog. So I have these smidgens of stories and a smidgen of a story is worse than no story at all. It’s like announcing you’re a spy and not being able to give any details. Why even bother?

My material is drying up, is what I’m saying. It’s a lot harder to come up with subjects to write about when you’re trying to be compassionate.

Also, I still am missing a computer. Which means no Photoshop. My photographs need photoshop. They’re not atrocious–not quite–but they need a lot more editing than can be done on any of those freebie websites. I’ve done four or five tutorials and they’re either languishing on a broken hard drive or waiting for some proper attention. I apologize if you were dying to know how Jasper and Arabella’s birthday parties went. Or how to make great pizza crust from scratch. You will have to wait some more. Or maybe I’ll just swallow my pride and publish them anyway.

Waah, waah, waah, listen to me be a big baby. I’m not trying to make excuses; just letting you know what’s going on. The good news is that I’ve been working on a couple of other blog posts so you have something to look forward to.

And then the kids will be in school next week so I’ll have several kid-free hours with which to fritter away my time. I promise to make it up to you, OK? Just stick with me. And if you need a ride somewhere because you can’t afford gas, call me! I’m becoming quite an expert!

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2 thoughts on “Learning to be Discreet

  1. I am always impressed by the Relief Society you folks have. No other group/church comes close to helping out neighbors in need. Your descriptions of what you’ve been doing just reinforce what I thought. When my neighbor was on bedrest with a high-risk pregnancy, someone stopped by EVERY DAY just to make her a sandwich for lunch and to drop off dinner. That rocks.

  2. Gosh, no WONDER we haven’t heard from the irrepressible Jennie. You’re repressed by discretion! And I’m impressed by your hard work in support of those less fortunate. Wow! Painting someone’s house in Austin heat and humidity – I’ll SAY you are going to heaven!

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