Item of the week–Toothbrushes

Well now, this week’s item is nice and straightforward; no worries about picky eaters or gluten intolerance. If you have teeth, you need toothbrushes. I would recommend at least two per person. Get the cheapos or splurge–it’s up to you. Just keep in mind how much you won’t want to be around your family if their toothbrushes wear out.

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One thought on “Item of the week–Toothbrushes

  1. I did this! Along with toothpaste!

    And then tonight I went into the kid's bathroom and found that they'd opened all their toothbrushes and had 4 tubes of toothpaste open and used. There are TWO OF THEM. So that's 2 each?


    Maybe next time we can talk about getting locks and a safe for our storage?

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